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Wrestler/Staff React To CLASH Television News!

March 29, 2008 · Print This Article

Wrestlers/Staff React To CLASH Television News
March 18th, 2008

The past 4 days here at CLASH Wrestling have been a time of celebration. Not only is everyone excited for this weekend’s HUGE Triple Crown Cup supershow, but with the announcement of our partnership with Comcast Cable Downriver, fans, staff, and wrestlers alike could not be any happier.

CLASH Wrestling debuts on Comcast Cable THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 10:30 PM in nineteen cities Downriver. The new television series will air weekly on Wednesday nights from 10:30-11:00pm ET/PT thereafter. Over the weekend, we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM took the time to ask members of CLASH Wrestling their thoughts on the matter.

QUESTION: “It was announced this past week that CLASH Wrestling will now air weekly, on Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM, on Comcast Cable in nineteen different cities Downriver. What’s you’re reaction to this news?”

CLASH CHAMPION “ACE HIGH” CAMERON SKYY: “Awesome. Definitely a huge move for CLASH Wrestling as CLASH continues to differentiate itself from the competition. I’m extremely impressed with how far CLASH has advanced in such a short period of time and I hope that this is only the beginning. I take great pride in the CLASH Championship and being with a company that has and will continue to be in a positive trend!”

COMMENTATOR J ARGE: “I was the first to receive this news from Clashertone himself, and I’ll say what I told him; ‘It will be an honor to lend my golden vocals and quick wit to the commentating booth.’ Even though I’m being told that I will have to broadcast alongside Keith (blah). CLASH definitely deserves all good things to come our way. In closing…..Serves’ Us Right!”

EXECUTIVE OFFICER NICHOLAS CLASHERTONE: “Like I said on Wednesday, we are very excited to join Comcast Cable Downriver and help expand the fan base of CLASH Wrestling. Airing on 19 cities Downriver will allow fans all across Southeastern Michigan a chance to see what CLASH Wrestling brings to the table. This is just the next step in the growth of CLASH Wrestling.”

CONFETTI: “They’re lucky, because I don’t think anybody deserves to watch me wrestle. And as far as the other wrestlers in CLASH, I don’t think they even deserve to be on the same roster as me.”

WILL VENDETTA: “I was completely speechless. I mean, if I was told one year ago sitting in my classroom in High school that I would be on TV and wrestling for one of the fastest rising Wrestling Promotions in Michigan, I wouldnt have believed one word of it. I can honestly say that this is a dream come true and I thank God for it.”

CROSSFIRE: “Kicking back in Long Beach, I got a phone call from the CLASH execs, telling me that I’m gonna be a television star. Actually, I’m not sure whether to believe them or not, what with all the ‘Oh yeah Crossfire you’re gonna be the next BIG thing in CLASH,’ and ‘Don’t forget your gear Crossfire because you might just maybe potentially have a match tonight.’ Or the ever popular ‘Come on Crossfire, Khameleon’s parents are here tonight. Just let him have a match.’ If this TV stuff is for real I can only express my hopes for getting booked!”

JEREMY JONES: “I was very impressed with Clashertone’s deal with Comcast. In fact, I was trying to do the very same thing. I have to admit that I’m surprised Clashertone managed to get the deal before me, as I’m a much more educated/respected man in the world of advertising and promotion. I guess it’s they always say; ‘Great minds think alike,’ even if I did think of it first.”

TOMMY TYDIE: “It’s cool man, I’m excited for it. Actually, everyone living Downriver should be more excited because they once again get to tune into TFTV. I’ve been on television for years now, all across the world. It’s a thrill, having some scrubby fan recognize you from television. Unlike myself, these punk kids in CLASH have never had that before. But it is exciting, I knew when CLASH started our audience would continue to grow. With a talent the caliber of myself on the roster, there was no way it wasn’t going to.”

GQ ASSASSIN: “Huge news and a huge step in the right direction for CLASH as a whole. I can speak for most of the guys when I say that we can’t wait to entertain the masses, and provide great wrestling entertainment for the whole family to see.”

“PUNISHER” SKULL WILLIAMS: “I was, at first, taken back by the fact that Clashertone secured a TV deal. Now that I’ve been told by a few of the guys, I can only say that this is a HUGE step for us at CLASH. This is only the first step, I know that we will blow up in only a matter of time. I can’t wait to get out there and show the whole world what we’re made of.”

MERCHANDISE/CAMERA GIRL MELANIE: “This is just one more step in the right direction for CLASH. With a great roster and crew putting forth such amazing teamwork CLASH has grown with each passing week. At this rate, the sky is the limit.”

CASTOR STRONG: “CLASH on Comcast means one thing and one thing only. On Wednesday nights everyone gets their dose of the “Bringer of Ruckus”. And that my friends is well worth the price of admission. If you want to be mentally stimulated by fast paced action, jaw jarring moves, and face rearranging holds, Wednesday nights just fulfilled your void. This is monumental, this is one step closer to greatness, this my friends is….CLASH Wrestling.”

COACH B: “CLASH Wrestling on televison, who would’ve thought that you could hear my whistle all the way from Taylor Town into 19 different cities? To be honest with you, this is like living my dream. The wrasslin business has been in my heart and soul since about 7th grade. And to be involved in something like this, it’s unbelieveable, just make sure you stay tuned to see Coach B and The All American dominate the land of CLASH!”

“CLASH Wrestling!” begins airing this Wednesday night, March 19th at 10:30 PM ET/PT on Channel 20 in nineteen cities on Comcast Cable Downriver. Will CLASH Wrestling air in your home? Here is a full list of the cities broadcasting our weekly series.

– Allen Park
– Brownstown Township
– Berlin Township
– Ecorse
– Flat Rock
– Garden City
– Gibraltar
– Grosse Ile
– Inkster
– Lincoln Park
– Melvindale
– Riverview
– River Rouge
– Rockwood
– Southgate
– South Rockwood
– Taylor
– Trenton
– Woodhaven

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