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Wrestler Spotlight: “Role Model” Jack Night

June 2, 2009 · Print This Article

CLASH Wrestling’s ringside photographer R. Drew returns with his fourth “Wrestler Spotlight,” this time with the former CLASH Champion, Jack Night. Drew attempts to get into the head of the now Tag Team Championship focused “Role Model” heading into the upcoming 2009 NPCI on June 19th & 20th. Get a better understanding of the Jack Night as he steps into the “Wrestler Spotlight!”

R.DREW: Will Nightlife become the next CLASH Wrestling Tag Team Champions?
JACK NIGHT: The answer is quite simple. Yes, we will be become the next Tag Team Champions.
R.DREW: Who is the bigger partier when you got out to the night clubs you, Manzo or B?
JACK NIGHT: I thought that would be obvious, I’m usually still partying when I come walking out to the ring. As far as partying goes, there is no one that can hang with Jack Night.
R.DREW: Why did you decide to wrestle for CLASH instead of a local promotion in your hometown of New York City?
JACK NIGHT: I came to CLASH for a change of atmosphere, something different as opposed to the same, never-ending action in New York City.
R.DREW: Is Jack Night the most dominant force in the CLASH Wrestling locker room?
JACK NIGHT: I thought that was obvious. If you’re assuming that people like Wreckingball, Kreed, Skyy, or any other piece of trash in that locker room is a more of a dominant force than Jack Night, you’re dead wrong.
R.DREW: Why did you become a wrestler? Who were/are some of your influences?
JACK NIGHT: My influences are actually some of the greatest wrestlers in history. I’ve always admired the work of Ric Flair and nothing would make me happier that to take him out, in my ring.
R.DREW: Beer or liquor?
JACK NIGHT: What kind of dumb question is that, beer or liquor? Drew, I drink both, sometimes even together.
R.DREW: Did you ever want to do anything else with your life other than wrestling?
JACK NIGHT: One thing: Party.
R.DREW: Do you have any superstitions, or things you must do before each match?
JACK NIGHT: Well I’m usually sporting a hangover before each match, so I end up having a blood mary just to mellow out. It gets me in a better mood before I go out to the ring.
R.DREW- What’s your favorite match thus far in your CLASH career?
JACK NIGHT: Winning the CLASH Championship, that was a good match. Seeing as I drink quite a bit no other match stands out to me.
R.DREW: What’s the best moment of your career thus far?
JACK NIGHT: Best moment of my career? There are plenty of them. Like when I was hammered, or that time I beat the hell out of Rave and his little girlfriend. Or even better, the time I heroicly beat Cameron Skyy to win the CLASH Championship. Drew, my career is far from over and I will have plenty more “best” moments. In my eyes, the best moment of my career will be when I retire and no longer have to listen to those dumb fans.