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Competitor Spotlight: CLASH Champion Gavin Quinn

June 16, 2011 · Print This Article

Competitor Spotlight: “GQ” Gavin Quinn – Not only is he the current CLASH Champion, and reigning with this title since November 2010, but he’s the #1 marked man in CLASH Wrestling with an impeccable winning streak untouched by any on the active roster! Entering the CLASH fray at the start of 2008 as a Tag Team specialist with former partner Rave Killbourn (The Friends), Quinn has evolved from a Multi-Time Tag Team Champion to an impressive singles competitor achieving the greatest success in CLASH that few have reached – the CLASH Heavyweight Championship.

2008-2009 – In the early get-go, then known as simply “GQ”, Quinn wrestled as part of “The Friends” collaboratively with Rave Killbourn. The two were known for the infamous blood feud with then “H3RD” members Tommy Treznik & J. Miller. The two teams had countless battles that ranged from Tag Bouts, Ladder Matches, Street Fights, etc etc. After these two years, Quinn walked away with three Tag Team Championship wins.

GQ becomes Gavin Quinn – It was finally in February 2010 where the birth of the “GQ” Gavin Quinn we know today came to a head when Quinn finally turned his back on Killbourn to become a singles competitor. Although this decision wasn’t favored by the CLASH faithful; it ultimately gave Quinn the nudge he needed to secure victory after victory until finally succeeding Championship success in November 2010!

Can CLASH Champion “GQ” Gavin Quinn be defeated?
Below is the long list of names that have fallen to Quinn in his road to the CLASH Championship and afterwards. Is there anyone that can beat Gavin Quinn?

8/14/10 – “GQ” Gavin Quinn defeats Mena Libra via pinfall.
9/17/10 – Quinn wins All Out War outlasting 22 other competitors & winning #1 contendership.
10/23/10 – Quinn defeats and retires former Tag partner Rave Killbourn via pinfall.
11/20/10 – Quinn defeats “Ace High” Cameron Skyy via pinfall to become CLASH Champion.
12/10/10 – Tags w/ Tyler Elkins & defeats Jimmy Jacobs/Cameron Skyy when Quinn pins Jacobs.
1/29/11 – Quinn successfully defends the CLASH Championship by pinning X-Pac.
2/26/11 – What some call a “match of the year” candidate for 2011; Quinn pins Petey Williams.
3/19/11 – Another successful title defense against Jimmy Jacobs.
3/26/11 – Quinn in non-title action defeats Amasis at CLASH vs. CHIKARA.
4/23/11 – Defends title by pinning “Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo.
5/21/11 – Another win in the books as Quinn pins Marvelocity at Relay For Life.

There is no argument that current CLASH Champion “GQ” Gavin Quinn is on top of his game in both realms of Tag Team & Singles competition and has proven month after month that he is deserving of the gold on contrary to popular opinion. The years 2010-2011 is beginning to be known for Quinn’s reign on top, however the question still remains… can Quinn be pinned?