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Woman vs. Superhero Signed For Age Of Allegiance!

April 1, 2010 · Print This Article

Today the third match was announced for April 17th’s Age Of Allegiance and it pits Mena Libra against Blue Ranger! Within her first week in CLASH Wrestling, Libra has managed to make an enemy out of CEO Truth Martini. Martini expressed his displeasure with CLASH President Nicholas P. Clashertone going over his head and hiring the female competitor. Because Martini feels women have no place inside the wrestling ring, he has scheduled Mena Libra to face the Blue Ranger.

In regards to this match, the CEO had the following to say, “While I may be in Las Vegas during Age Of Allegiance, that doesn’t mean the presence of Truth Martini will not be felt. Mena Libra, as far as I’m concerned you do not belong in CLASH Wrestling. Therefore I refuse to schedule a Women’s match on April 17th. You want to prove yourself, do it against a man. Blue Ranger is the lowest rung on the CLASH ladder and even he will have no problem defeating you at Age Of Allegiance.”