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White Ranger vs. Masked Man Set For Merry CLASHMas!

November 24, 2010 · Print This Article

At both The Future Is Unwritten & Divided We Fall, a mysterious masked man has interfered in CLASH bouts.Thus far, there seems to be little method to this monster’s madness as he has attacked both Hakeem Zane & Dave Manzo, and attempted to do the same to Arella Angel & Tommy Treznik. CLASH Management has attempted to gather more information on this individual, but in the limited opportunities they have had to speak with the assistant, he has refused to speak. Nevertheless, if this mysterious competitor chooses to join us for Merry CLASHmas, he will have a Superhero waiting for him! CLASH Management has signed a match between the White Ranger and the unnamed masked monster for December 10th, when CLASH Wrestling returns to Dearborn, MI for MERRY CLASHMAS!

Will we learn more about this mysterious competitor? Will the White Ranger be the first man to give the masked man a taste of his own medicine? Join us on December 10th to find out! Tickets for MERRY CLASHMAS are on sale now!