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Watch This CLASH vs. CHIKARA DVD Teaser Video!

May 5, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 was one of the most explosive nights in the history of CLASH Wrestling. Relive the entire evening with the CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011 DVD now available! Head on over to our “Merchandise” page to pick up your copy today! For more CLASH Wrestling videos, please visit our official YouTube channel at

Featuring the following matches:
– “Ace High” Cameron Skyy vs. “Caveman” Tyler Elkins (Lumberjack Match)
– Sweet & Swagg vs. The Batiri (CLASH vs. CHIKARA)
– “GQ” Gavin Quinn vs. Amasis (CLASH vs. CHIKARA)
– “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik vs. Ophidian (CLASH vs. CHIKARA)
– Petey Williams vs. Samuray Del Sol
– Victorious Secret vs. Wreckingforce
– Ded Vaughn vs. Marvelocity
– William J. O’Malley vs. TD vs. Austin Manix vs. Amazing N8