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VOTE TODAY: Fandemonium Polls Are Now Open!

July 26, 2009 · Print This Article

Fresh off the heels of a highly controversial finish to Downriver Revolution’s Main Event, CLASH CEO Jeremy Jones has immediately opened the 2009 Fandemonium polls! Jones is aware that the fans were unsatisfied with Saturday night’s CLASH Championship match. In an exclusive interview with CLASHWRESTLING.COM, Jones noted his frustration as well.

“What Nightlife did on Saturday night was inexcusable. It’s apparent that neither Jack Night nor Dave Manzo care about our fans, ruining what was supposed to be such a special night. The first group of people that Nightlife is going to have to answer to is the H3RD. Tommy Tydie & J. Miller have agreed to put their differences aside in the name of a common enemy. So in the main event of Fandemonium, it will be the H3RD vs. Nightlife. The second group Nightlife wronged is our great fans. So to make matters worse for Nightlife, it will be the CLASH fans who will decide Night & Manzo’s fate on August 8th! I encourage all CLASH Wrestling fans to log onto CLASHWRESTLING.COM, vote early, vote often and make sure that Nightlife pays for what they did this past weekend.”

The polls for this groundbreaking main event are now open, as well as a number of other interesting matchups. Expect a full rundown of the Fandemonium card in the days to come. Until then, head on over to the main page of our website and vote away! Fandemonium is less than 2 weeks away!