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Truth Martini Joins CLASH Wrestling @ Seize The Day 3

December 23, 2009 · Print This Article

CLASH Wrestling would like to officially announce that Truth Martini will make his CLASH debut at Seize The Day III on January 23rd in Taylor, MI. A longtime veteran of the sport and a highly respected trainer, Martini brings a wealth of knowledge to the CLASH lockerroom. Truth Martini has most recently put his entire focus into managing, a job he does quite well. Whether it’s for Ring Of Honor or for a number of independent companies throughout the country, Martini often guides his associates to victory.

Does Truth Martini have his eye on some of the CLASH talent or does he have different aspirations? One must think that Martini has made a countless number of friends over the years, is he coming to CLASH Wrestling alone? Only Truth Martini knows the answers to these questions and he’s chosen Seize The Day III on January 23rd to fill the rest of us in on his gameplan.