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Tons Of NPCI Updates! New Teams, New Match Signed!

June 11, 2010 · Print This Article

As the 2010 NPCI Tag Team Tournament draws near, the landscape surrounding the biggest weekend of the CLASH calendar is starting to take shape. Half of the teams have been announced, but today a wrench was thrown into the mix. Let’s recap the changes that have taken place within the last 24 hours.

– The H3RD have been pulled from the 2010 NPCI. This is due to the fact that CLASH Champion J. Miller was awarded a spot in CLASH’s Young Lions Cup Qualifier which will take place on day #2 of the NPCI weekend: Saturday, July 17th. Miller will square off with “Ace High” Cameron Skyy to determine who will represent CLASH Wrestling at CHIKARA’s longest running tournament in Easton, PA this August.

– Tommy Treznik has found a new partner and reentered the tournament. Treznik will team with GQ in a team they’ve dubbed “The Better Halves.” Concerning this matter, Treznik had this to say, “In 2008, I single-handedly won the NPCI for my team. Last year, GQ single-handely won the NPCI for this team. This year, we’ve combined forces. “The Better Halves” are the most decorated tag team wrestlers in the history of CLASH Wrestling and we will walk out of the 2010 NPCI victorious!”

– Two new teams have been announced today. First up we have the duo of Marion Fontaine & Eric Ryan who will represent Hybrid Wrestling. Hybrid has truly sent their finest talent as Fontaine is current Hybrid Champion and Ryan holds the Theory Of Evolution briefcase. Time will tell if these two men can coexist on NPCI weekend. For more information on Marion Fontaine, Eric Ryan & Hybrid Wrestling, visit their official website at

Second, you couldn’t picture an NPCI Tag Team Tournament without the Power Rangers, could you? The lovable superheroes have returned for a 3rd year, a little bit wiser, a little bit stronger, and with a new Ranger! When Blue Ranger contacted Zordon with this super important mission, Zordon knew he could send only the best! That’s why on Friday, July 16th the Blue Ranger will team with the debuting White Ranger! White Ranger is arguably the most powerful of all the Morphin’ Ones, we shall see if Blue Ranger has found the right partner to achieve what they’ve set out to do since June 2008 – win the CLASH Wrestling NPCI Tag Team Tournament!

– Finally, expect NPCI announcements to come fast & furious these next few weeks. It is management’s intention that all NPCI Tag Teams & Non-Tournament Matches are announced no later than July 1st, thus we will be announcing AT LEAST two teams/matches every Tuesday & Friday! So, keep your eyes peeled to CLASHWRESTLING.COM in the coming days to keep abreast of all things NPCI!

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