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All Out War! Golden Ticket Incentive Announced!

August 15, 2011 · Print This Article

As we learned last week, it’s no secret that winning All Out War is perhaps the quickest route one can take on their quest to the CLASH Championship. With a guaranteed CLASH Championship match awarded to it’s winner, both past All Out War victors have used their opportunity to capture the highest prize in all of CLASH Wrestling. So it should come as no surprise that a number of competitors, both from within and outside CLASH Wrestling, have attempted to gain entry into September 3rd’s All Out War match.

We announced last week that CLASH President Nicholas P. Clashertone was working on a huge announcement concerning All Out War, and now that we’ve learned more of Clashertone’s plans, we believe huge may be an understatement! We believe it’s best to hear the announcement straight from our President himself, concerning All Out War Mr. Clashertone had the following to say:

“All Out War is a huge night for CLASH Wrestling. In one evening a competitor can advance his or her career to heights never imaginable. For this reason, the CLASH offices have received a record number of requests within the professional wrestling world from men and women hoping to be chosen as one of the 20 competitors selected to compete in All Our War. While we cannot satisfy all these requests, I’ve allocated three spots within the All Out War match that we will leave up to chance.

I’ve placed Ringmaster B. in charge of this endeavor, in which he will mail Golden Tickets to three competitors at random. The only prerequisite is that these men or women must have competed for CLASH Wrestling at some point in the past. On September 3rd, these three randomly chosen competitors will be able to cash in their golden ticket for a golden opportunity in the All Out War match!”

A GOLDEN announcement indeed! Which former CLASH competitors will find a golden ticket? How does this change the complexion of All Out War on September 3rd? We hope to have more information concerning Nicholas P. Clashertone’s Golden Ticket Incentive in the weeks to come, until then be sure to purchase your discounted tickets to All Out War before it’s too late!