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The Most Mysterious Night In CLASH Wrestling History

May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

Never before in the history of CLASH Wrestling has one night prompted more questions than this Saturday at CLASH To The Future: Part 3. Aside from the three mystery competitors (from three mystery years) scheduled to compete in CLASH From The Past, Present Or Future matches, other questions will be answered on Saturday as well including:

– What gift will the “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik bestow upon his monster Ded Vaughn during the “Ring Of Love?”

– Why has Matt Cross demanded to step into the CLASH To The Future time machine prior to his bout with Tyler Elkins? Does the WWE Tough Enough alum have a trick up his sleeve for “The Caveman?”

– Will Mena Libra even be able to compete in her scheduled match against Cameron Skyy? If she can, how will her broken foot affect her performance? If she cannot, will someone else step up and challenge the “Ace High?”

– What exactly is a “Moshpit” Battle Royal and how will it reinvent the tried and true match type?

– As mentioned above, who are the mystery competitors scheduled to compete against White Ranger, Dave Manzo & The H3RD respectively? Are they men from CLASH Wrestling’s past, present or future? Further, once they step into the CLASH To The Future time machine, what era will they represent?

These questions shall spurn a number of possible scenarios, yet there is absolutely only one way to find out the answers! Join us THIS SATURDAY NIGHT when we go CLASH TO THE FUTURE!