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John Striker Offers His First “Pillar To Post” Of 2010

January 19, 2010 · Print This Article

Greetings loyal and lonely fans, I’m the words of CLASH Wrestling, John “The Human Thesaurus” Striker. Today I’m going to take you back to where you haven’t been in several months. That’s right, I’m coupling the greatest show of all time, Seize the Day III, which will be live this Saturday, with the greatest column of all time. Today I’m going to take you “Pillar to Post!”

Now I know some people are going to be a bit upset with me. I know some people are feeling hurt. They’re feeling abandoned, because I haven’t written my words of wisdom that is this column, Pillar to Post. I have a confession to make, a confession about why I haven’t written. In truth, I pride myself on knowing the backstage ins and outs. They give me a special insight into the direction of CLASH Wrestling. I then share a part of that knowledge with you. Ever since the ousting of Jeremy Jones as CEO, I haven’t had the access that I was used to. Additionally, the CLASHWRESTLING.COM web heads stepped up their game. The result was that you and I were finding out about CLASH Wrestling news and information at the exact same time.

Well, I’m happy to say, there was a change in one of the CLASH Executive Board seats and the new board member has given me one piece of important “insider information”. I have learned that at Seize the Day III, no matter what happens, a new CLASH Heavyweight Champion will crowned. If the ceiling caves in on the Taylor Town Trade Center, they will climb out of the rubble and continue until there is a winner. The CLASH Wrestling executive board was not happy with the fact that the last title match didn’t see a winner and they have assured me that, come hell or high water, a new CLASH Champion will definitely be crowned this Saturday, at Seize the Day III. Let’s take a look at each man’s chances, the way I see it.

Tyler Elkins
The Caveman has ridden Cameron Skyy’s coat tails straight to the top. Elkins is a true competitor and athlete. He’s a multi time champion in armature wrestling and MMA competition. Additionally, he has the aid of having his close friend and tag partner, “Ace High” Cameron Skyy in the match with him. Many people view Tyler Elkins as more of the side dish and less of the main course, as he’s been playing second fiddle to Cameron Skyy. I think that nothing is further from the truth. I think that people underestimate the intellect of Tyler Elkins. Tyler took his biggest weakness, his lack of experience, and overcame it by partnering himself with multi-time CLASH Champion Skyy. As I said, Elkins has used Skyy to round out his skills and take him to the next level. Elkins is a smart man and I think that Seize the Day III, this Saturday, it may be time for Elkins to take what he has learned from Skyy and use it to it’s fullest, to walk out as new CLASH Champion.

“Ace High” Cameron Skyy
As I said just a paragraph above, Elkins and Skyy have an inherent advantage in being partners and friends. Skyy of course also has the advantage of being a former, two time, CLASH Heavyweight Champion. Working against Cameron Skyy is is, quite frankly, Cameron Skyy. Skyy is certainly an established wrestler, a great competitor, and a proven champion. What Skyy lacks in this match is confidence. Skyy has been unable to defeat Dragon Kreed. Just when it looked like Cameron Skyy had his chance at retribution, Dragon Kreed made his return. If you were there, and you should have been, you would’ve seen Skyy’s flat out temper tantrum. I believe we witnessed all the air coming out of the sails of the boat that is Cameron Skyy.

“The Man’s Man” Tommy Tydie
Tydie is one of the most respected men in CLASH Wrestling, and for good reason. Tydie has done it all in CLASH Wrestling. He’s won the Triple Crown Cup, he’s held the Tag Title on four separate occasions, he founded and then reformed the H3RD. What Tydie has not done is captured that CLASH Heavyweight Championship. I know he wants it badly, and he certainly has the skill. Tommy Tydie may very well walk out of Seize the Day III this Saturday with his biggest goal achieved. That being said, I feel like Tommy Tydie tends to cave under the pressures of “Big Time” matches. For all that Tommy Tydie has won, he has also lost in spectactular fashion. Tydie has the skill, but it seems like he just needs a little something more to get over the hump and reach the very top of CLASH Wrestling.

Dragon Kreed
Kreed dominated as CLASH Heavyweight Champion with his intensity and strength. He certainly looked to have the fire in his eyes and heart as he made his debut and, if he’s 100% certainly has what it takes to reclaim his spot atop the CLASH Wrestling throne. Dragon Kreed is a human juggernaut, and unstoppable beast who has mowed down all challengers placed before him. Working against Kreed, however, is the fact that he has not completed in a match since For the Win in June. Kreed also has a surgically repaired shoulder. He’s also in there with three determined guys who are fully aware of his injury. Two of those men are the primary cause for his injury. It is for these reasons that I have my doubts about Dragon Kreed. I question his ability to recover from the surgery, to shake off the ring rust, and to overcome the obstacles placed before him. Kreed has been able to overcome all obstacles in the past, This Saturday, we’ll see if he can do it again.

Thanks for reading my return to CLASHWRESTLING.COM, make sure you’re at the Taylor Town Trade Center this Saturday to see if my expert analysis proves out. My pick for new CLASH Heavyweight Champion is none other than the “Cave Man” Tyler Elkins! Until next time, please feel free to leave me messages on the realauched CLASH Message Forums, let me know if there’s something you’ve always wanted to know that I can shed some light on, and most importantly, look forward with hope and anticipation, for the next time you get the opportunity to go Pillar to Post.