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Cameron Skyy & Tyler Elkins: A Detailed History

August 22, 2011 · Print This Article

At “All Out War!” on September 3rd, CLASH fans will witness the culmination of a bitter rivalry as former friends “Sin City Sparklin” Cameron Skyy & “Caveman” Tyler Elkins will do battle in CLASH Wrestling’s first ever Cage Match! Neither competitor has yet to score a victory over one another despite having several matches leading to this point. Let’s take a look back at where this all started.

2009: Cameron Skyy & Tyler Elkins formed an alliance in June 2009 to help Skyy fend off rising talent Dragon Kreed. At the time, Kreed was nearly unstoppable and in a series of victories over the “Ace High.” Skyy reached out to then “T-Train” Tyler Elkins to assist him in taking out the then CLASH Champion. From that point forward, Cameron Skyy & Tyler Elkins remained close friends and were generally looked at as an odd pair (given their unique backgrounds). As their friendship grew, their respective backgrounds began to rub off on one another. Skyy presence in the CLASH Championship title scene eventually lead to a championship victory for Elkins; meanwhile Elkins’ ground & pound brawling “fighter” experience rubbed off on Skyy.

2010: Just as all friends have disagreements; there began to be a noticeable difference in the direction each competitor was working toward. Cameron Skyy’s return from a broken right arm initiated a new “Sin City Spark” in him generating an exciting new outlook on his approach to Professional Wrestling. Meanwhile, Tyler Elkins both physically & mentally began adapting a more primitive & simple approach to lifestyle & in-ring competition.

At last year’s All Out War, a Six Way Fray determined the first entry & last entry into the All Out War Match. This multi-man opener designated that the man who gained the pinfall would enter last (the best entry by probability), while he who was pinned would enter first (the worst entry by probability). This match resulted in “Caveman” Tyler Elkins pinning his friend Cameron Skyy. Later that evening Skyy lasted long enough to return the favor (still as friends) by eliminating Elkins from the contest. At the time, it appeared their friendship had escalated to a more competitive level.

The friendship finally diminished in November of last year at Divided We Fall when Cameron Skyy was taking on Gavin Quinn to crown a new CLASH Champion. With the referee inadvertently knocked out, Elkins suggested Skyy use his crutch offensively (Elkins was getting over a torn ACL). Skyy’s refusal led to a surprising turn of events as “The Caveman” struck his former friend, aiding Quinn to the victory.

2011 (No Concrete Victor): The aforementioned backstab began a CLASH (pun intended) of two over-the-top personalities, former friends now bitter rivals. The two met for the first time at January’s “Seize The Day IV,” resulting in a Double Count-Out finish. The next month at “Contenders Cup” each man caused one another to be eliminated, removing them from title contention. Then, “CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011” was additionally inconclusive as Skyy & Elkins’ Lumberjack Match resulted in a No Contest due to interference from the lumberjacks. The last bit of in-ring action between the two at April’s “Age Of Allegiance” was a Mixed Tag Team venture in which Skyy’s partner Mena Libra scored the pinfall on Elkins’ partner December.

Since April, the two competitors have been picking up steam in a war of words and setting in-ring examples against their respective opponents. This culminated at “100” on August 6th as a contract signing went bad, giving Elkins the upper hand by jabbing Skyy in the abdomen with a stone tablet. Skyy later delivered a receipt by interrupting Elkins’ bout with Rhyno (by popping up on the Clashotron with a distraction) allowing the Manbeast to defeat the Caveman.

Now it’s in the books, on paper for everyone that witnessed it LIVE at 100, Cameron Skyy & Tyler Elkins will conclude their inconclusive match history inside a 16 Foot Steel Cage! Which competitor will write the final chapter is this storied rivalry? Will it be the “Sin City Spark” that puts out the “Caveman’s” fire? Or will that spark be put out with a victory of prehistoric proportions? Either way, we make history on September 3rd in Taylor, MI when it truly will be an “All Out War!”