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The CLASH Wrestling Fan Zone Is Here!

April 15, 2008 · Print This Article

CLASH Wrestling would like to officially announce our newest website concept – that is, the “Fan Zone” here on CLASHWRESTLING.COM!! This subsection of our website will collect and post art, signs, videos, and anything else made by our fans.  Remember, the CLASH Wrestling Fan Zone is devoted entirely to YOU, the CLASH Wrestling fans! You control the content! Make anything CLASH related and we promise to add it to the Fan Zone!

Our first Fan Zone submissions come from our Fan-Created Video Log on our official YouTube page. Inspired by a video made by one of our YouTube friends LegendaryKC, this Video Log features any and all CLASH related videos created by the fans of CLASH Wrestling.

Want to add your own video to our playlist? There is absolutely no limit as to what your videos have to be about, so long as they are CLASH related. All video submissions will be featured in our Video Log! Want to make a video of your favorite CLASH wrestler? Your favorite finishers? Your own show reviews? Or a stop motion piece with action figures? The sky is the limit!

So to all our fans and friends out there – get creative and have fun!

CLASH Wrestling: Fan Created Video Log

CLASH Wrestling Tribute Video
Made by: indyfan90


Check Out CLASH
Made by: WhiteOutPunk72


Support CLASH Wrestling
Made by: LegendaryKC