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The Curse Continues? J. Miller Suffers Serious Injury

October 25, 2010 · Print This Article

This past weekend at a live event in Berwyn, IL CLASH Champion J. Miller suffered a broken leg which required surgery to repair. Details are still forthcoming as to when J. Miller will be able to make a return to the ring, but early reports put the “Murderous Monk” out for at least six months.

This now marks the fourth consecutive CLASH Champion who has suffered a serious injury while holding the title:

– Dragon Kreed, Torn Shoulder
– Tyler Elkins, Torn ALC
– Cameron Skyy, Broken Arm
– J. Miller, Broken Leg

Earlier this year, CLASH Columnist John Striker wrote a detailed piece entitled, “The Curse Of The CLASH Championship” which can be read here. Is the CLASH Championship truly cursed? That remains to be seen, although it certainly does not seem outside the realm of possibility.

So what becomes of the CLASH Championship? In a emergency meeting on Saturday night, CLASH management came to the decision that a new champion will be crowned at our final show of 2010, Divided We Fall. Current #1 Contender and winner of All Out War Gavin Quinn will square off with former 3 time champion and #2 Contender “Ace High” Cameron Skyy.

Who will walk out of Divided We Fall with the CLASH Championship? Further, will this mark the end of the Curse Of The CLASH Championship? Only time will tell, until then be sure to join us at Divided We Fall!