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Striker Offers Spiritual Enlightenment In Pillar To Post

August 14, 2009 · Print This Article

Greetings once again, from the mind of CLASH wrestling, I’m John, the mind of CLASH wrestling, Striker and I’m going to take each and every one of you on a journey of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. That’s right, fans, today I’m going to take you Pillar to Post.

Out of Town Guests
Someone once said that houseguests are like fish, after three days they both stink. This weekend it seemed as though there were plenty of familiar ‘guests’ at CLASH wrestling. Most of them were a joy and a pleasure to be around, but some stunk after the very first day.

I’m referring to Josh Thor, who, aside from generally being a jerk to the fans as of late, had some choice words for CLASH Radio in general and myself in particular. I’m not sure if it’s because his former tag team partner was on SyFy (which is, as an aside, a terrible name for a TV station) not too long ago or what, but Thor certainly has a new found attitude problem. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for the man as an athlete, but to degrade me? Hey, Jeremy Jones and I are fairly close, Thor best remember that next time he wants to run me down.

I had a sit down interview with Wreckingball at Fandimonium. He was his typical angry self. Like Dragon Kreed, he didn’t really have an outlook on his return to CLASH, which is unfortunate. I find it ironic that Wreckingball’s upset that there have been no ‘injury updates’ on him when he’s not only been unreachable, but when I did talk to him he gave me no update! It’s almost like he’s just looking for a reason to walk around angry. On that note, I hope he doesn’t read this, because I’m sure he’ll find a reason to be angry about it!

On a positive note, I have it on good authority that nobody was seriously injured at Fandimonium. Between the Street Fight main event and a scary moment involving Joey Kings, it’s good to know that we won’t have any more athletes on the shelf for the months ahead. Stay safe, guys!

Tag Team Turmoil
It looks like, after their impressive win over H3RD at Fandimonium, Nightlife is set up to square off against Friends at This is CLASH 3 on 8/22. I think this match will really set the tone for the future of the CLASH tag team division and is worth the drive up to Mt. Clemons by itself.

We’ll also see H3RD take on Beauty and the Beast in what I’m sure is going to be a truly great matchup. If H3RD loses this match, I have to imagine they can kiss their chance at getting a Tag Team Title shot anytime soon goodbye. Beauty and the Beast had a title shot at Fandimonium, but only after defeating Fast and Fabulous and the Power Rangers. Call me crazy, but I think that Page and Kings deserve another chance at getting those straps and I’m rooting for them over H3RD!

Also lurking in the background is Ace High Cameron Skyy and Tyler Elkins, who may be looking to break down the door into the Tag Team division by defeating Will Vendetta and “The Rocker” Marty Janette.

Consolation Prize
Of course, Skyy may be looking simply to plant a feather in his cap by saying he defeated the former World Tag Team Champion, Jannetty. Skyy, don’t forget, has that consolation prize and, while the Tag Team Division in CLASH is certainly competitive, I believe Skyy’s ego is too large to share the glory of a championship with anyone. I said it before, and I’ll stand by it: I will be utterly shocked if Skyy does anything else with his consolation prize beside insert himself into the CLASH Heavyweight Title picture.

Of course the picture isn’t crystal clear, as CLASH has been without a champion for some time now. I, for one, hope that the situation is addressed at This is CLASH 3 at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens. Miller and Tydie both have legitimate claims to the number one contender position, and I’d like to know how they plan to resolve the problem.

In any event, with awesome tag team action and all the top CLASH stars, in addition to the return and Mt. Clemons CLASH debut of “The Rocker” Marty Jannetty, This is CLASH 3 is shaping up to be a huge, “can’t miss” show.

Like all good things, this column has come to an end. Don’t weep for it’s passing. Instead, just smile and reflect fondly on this occasion when you went… Pillar to Post.

John Striker