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State Of CLASH Wrestling Address For 2013

December 11, 2012 · Print This Article

Ladies and Gentlemen of the CLASH faithful, I am truly honored to see CLASH Wrestling approach it’s fifth year in business as we celebrate our Anniversary with SEIZE THE DAY VI live on Saturday, January 19th, 2013 in Taylor, MI at the Taylortown Trade Center. We embarked on a journey on January 5th, 2008 by assembling athletes that modeled after a Collective League of Adrenaline, Strength, & Honor moniker to bring you a premiere blend of Professional Wrestling to Michigan.

I, like you, have sat back and enjoyed timeless battles that CLASH has etched in its 100+ event history. From historic Tables, Ladders, & Chairs bouts, Moshpit Battle Royals, classic cage matches, to solid professional wrestling all around – I’ve loved every minute of it! Now, I’m proud to announce we give CLASH Wrestling an upgrade!

Patrons of our product will notice a small increase in ticket admissions to cover rising venue costs, but will still have the ability to capitalize on our online discounts offered via CLASHWRESTLING.COM. With the New Year, expect CLASH to shift in the positive trend we continually strive for – to be one of the hottest variety entertainment promotions available in Michigan. That said, allow me to introduce our special guest for SEIZE THE DAY VI – former WWE Superstar & Degeneration X member Billy Gunn!

Expect more special announcements for our biggest event to kickstart the New Year (I might’ve hinted toward another announcement within this address..wink wink) to be signed over the coming weeks as we draw closer. I’ve trusted many of these special announcements in a new CLASH CEO to oversee; whom I’ll have introduced to you LIVE on January 19th!

Okay, I’ve given away too much already, so let me leave you with this: SEIZE THE DAY VI will absolutely be an event folks come out of the woodwork for. It’s our grand stage, our birthday, and a celebration for CLASH Wrestling and all it’s hard working competitors. I cordially invite you to attend, tell friends, and I’ll guarantee it’ll be worth every dollar for some of the best live entertainment you can get in the Southeastern Michigan area!

Thank you for your continued patronage. We hope to enjoy several more years with you as we continue to look ahead to our bright future together!

Nicholas P. Clashertone
Founder, CLASH Wrestling