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SEIZE THE DAY IV – News Flash (Part 2 of 2)

January 2, 2011 · Print This Article

SEIZE THE DAY IV – News Flash For January 2, 2011 (Pt. 2): Happy New Year! While many folks look forward to the new year and new year resolutions, we here at CLASH Wrestling are just as excited and looking forward to continue to present the very best professional wrestling product available in Michigan! With that said, let’s get right in to this Part 2 of 2 edition of the News Flash with the rest of our coverage for our Biggest Anniversary Event of the Year – SEIZE THE DAY IV!

Big League Brews Sports Bar presents
Saturday, January 29, 2011

TaylorTown Trade Center
22525 Ecorse Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

$12 General, Discounts @ CLASHWRESTLING.COM
8pm Bell, Doors open @ 7:30pm.

It’s been signed, “Ace High” Cameron Skyy will battle “Caveman” Tyler Elkins in a singles bout at Seize The Day IV in Taylor, MI on 1/29! This one goes way back to Tyler Elkins being a young rookie in 2009 while Skyy was in a bitter rivalry with then champion, Dragon Kreed. Skyy acquired the aid of Tyler Elkins to help get the better of Kreed and forcing him on the shelf for several months.

The two were quite an odd couple as the Vegas Bad Boy tried to give a bit of Sin City glimmer to the Bare Foot Brawler, meanwhile Skyy adopted some of Elkins fierce brawling and fight strategies in the ring. The two equally held 1 CLASH Championship in 2010 while they were a duo, and the two were both stricken with injury, receiving surgery together at Oakwood Hospital on the same day.

When the ball started rolling equally for the two, back from serious injuries; it seemed Skyy’s time away from the ring had changed him to a different person. His battle with Dragon Kreed pursued, except this time, he turned down Elkins’ aid to help and in turn suffered defeat. Come ALL OUT WAR in September, Tyler Elkins pinned Cameron Skyy in an opening 6 way fray to give him the last entry in the rumble match, however Skyy returned the favor by eliminating him. The disagreements were becoming obviously apparent and on November’s Divided We Fall event, Skyy ignored Elkins aid once again, but this time Elkin’s struck Skyy with a crutch, causing the CLASH Championship victory to go to Gavin Quinn.

We saw the two collide in Tag Action at MERRY CLASHMAS on 12/10, but who will walk out in their singles confrontation at SEIZE THE DAY IV?? Will there be wine glasses for celebration for the Sin City Sparklin’ one, or will the Prehistoric Caveman walk out victorious?? Find out on 1/29/11!

“Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo over the past year has gone through many changes; notoriously a Tag Team wrestler with Former employee Jack Night, the two were comprised as Night-Life. When CEO Truth Martini fired Night in September, Manzo relaunched himself into singles action! October 2010 rolled around and he was scheduled for a singles bout against “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik whom had already been utilizing inventive elixirs pre-bell on his matches to help aid to victory. However, this “Super Strength” elixir was swiped and gulped by the “Swagg Starr” giving him unparalleled strength in the ring! The term “Swagg Starr” Super-Manzo has certainly made the rounds in the back…

Nonetheless, the “Mad Scientist” has sworn to calm the storm with an antidote he has concocted in his lab, the antidote will hang 15 feet above the ring where the only way to win is to climb a ladder! If Tommy Treznik wins, this will allow him to dump the antidote down Dave Manzo’s throat; if Manzo is victorious, he is in charge of the antidote and can do with it what he wants! Certainly one of the most unorthodox ladder matches you will ever bear witness to, be there on 1/29/11!

Half of the H3RD (Austin Manix & Donnie Hallows) will take on the tandems of Gideon Malice & William O’Malley, Wrecking-Force (Wreckingball & Dragon Kreed), and Victorious Secret (Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem) in a Four Corners Tag Team match for the #1 Contendership for the CLASH Tag Team Titles.

In Other News:

CLASH Wrestling’s latest release on DVD is September 2010’s Supershow entitled “ALL OUT WAR” featuring the 23 Man All Out War Match to declare a new #1 Contender. It was the longest match in CLASH history and featured many top talents such as “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik, Jimmy Jacobs, “Ace High” Cameron Skyy, Mena Libra, Truth Martini, “GQ” Gavin Quinn, & many more! See the Merchandise section on CLASHWRESTLING.COM to pick up a copy today; view the trailer here –

Thanks for reading this part 2 edition of the CLASH News Flash, and stay tuned for updates to our biggest event of the year on 1/29/11 – SEIZE THE DAY IV!