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Santa Claus Is Coming To MERRY CLASHMAS!

December 4, 2010 · Print This Article

Upon the conclusion of Divided We Fall, CLASH Wrestling fans, wrestlers and management all agreed that CEO Truth Martini had crossed the line. After being embarrassed by Mena Libra, Martini used his “Book Of Truth” to knock her unconscious. Because of this, management have chose to suspend the CLASH CEO from this Friday’s MERRY CLASHMAS event and have signed a Seize The Day bout between the bitter rivals.

With that being said, CLASH officials were left with an interesting question. Who will oversee this Friday’s event? With Martini suspended & Nicholas P. Clashertone away on business, someone has to make sure the MERRY CLASHMAS runs smoothly. CLASH Management discussed options and within minutes had their answer. This candidate was more than qualified to run CLASH Wrestling for the evening. He was experience with all things Christmas, he keeps a factory full of worker elves in check and he knows a thing or two about making people happy. Who better to govern MERRY CLASHMAS this Friday night than SANTA CLAUS?!?

What will happen when SANTA CLAUS assumes the role of CLASH CEO this Friday night? Will he punish those who have been naughty? Reward those who have been nice? Only time will tell and it’s running out! MERRY CLASHMAS IS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! Tickets are on sale now! Start your holiday season early and join CLASH Wrestling as we present MERRY CLASHMAS, with SANTA CLAUS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!