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Results To THE GREAT AGGRESSION In Taylor, MI (2/7/09)

February 8, 2009 · Print This Article

Special thanks to all who attended THE GREAT AGGRESSION in TAYLOR, MI as it was a full house in the Taylortown Trade Center! Full detailed results, photos, and media will be available on CLASHWRESTLING. COM throughout the week! Tune in to WE SHALL CLASH in TAYLOR, MI on 2/21!


** TOMMY TYDIE kicked things off by talking up his 4X Tag Title Win in MT. CLEMENS, his 2008 Triple Crown Cup Trophy, and noted the CLASH Championship is the only thing that has eluded him. CAMERON SKYY was introduced as the two debated until SKYY ran down TYDIE reminding him that it was him who he pinned on 1/5/08 to initially become Champion at the first annual SEIZE THE DAY.TYDIE was speechless and left the scene last saying that before nights end, SKYY would tell him that he’s the better wrestler of the two.

DRAGON KREED then walked out and put SKYY on notice that as long as he was CLASH Champion, they were not friends.

* As SKYY left the ring, he was blindsided by KEITH CALHOUN to kickstart there singles match. SKYY defeated CALHOUN via pinfall.

* KHAMELEON def. BLUE RANGER via pinfall.
Concluding the match THE WRECKINGBALL hit the ring, and angrily took the fallen RANGER and wedged his head between two chairs and splashed the Mighty Morphin’ One!


* PROMINENCE (TYDIE/DANIELS) def. FRIENDS (GQ/RAVE K) to retain the CLASH Tag Team Championship. Following the match, GQ vented his frustration by shoving RAVE K and walking out...

* “SWAGG STARR” DAVE MANZO def. “T-TRAIN” TYLER ELKINS in a “Turn Your Swagg On” Match which was a version of the infamous “Dog Collar Match“.

* DRAGON KREED def. JACK NIGHT to become the NEW #1 Contender! Following the match, SKYY came out and stared down KREED until TOMMY TYDIE made his way out urging for SKYY to call him the better wrestler! SKYY responded with a right hand, followed by a right hand by KREED laying out the Tag Champ as the show came to an END!