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Event Results From Seize The Day III In Taylor, MI

January 24, 2010 · Print This Article

Special thanks to the 250+ that made it out to the 75th Live Event Anniversary of CLASH Wrestling; Seize The Day III in Taylor, MI! An explosive night that saw champions crowned, stars come and go, and a new boss in town! Below are the results:

SEIZE THE DAY III (01.23.2010)

* Night-Life (Dave Manzo & Jack Night w/ B) def. The Friends (GQ & Rave K) in a Tag Title Ladder Match to retain the CLASH Tag Team Championship.

* Marty Epps vs. Khameleon in a Loser Leaves CLASH Match ended in a No Contest when Truth Martini made his debut Mid-Match. He informed both stars to discontinue, pack their bags, because niether were any longer on the CLASH payroll any longer.

Truth Martini announced that he was contacted by CLASH President Nicholas P. Clashertone to take CLASH Wrestling in an entirely new direction and that it would begin tonight as he was hired in as the NEW CLASH CEO to replace “B.” With that said, as part of his new talent acquistions, he introduced the next match.

* T-D def. Kid Hybrid via pinfall.

* J. Miller def. The Wreckingball in a Last Man Standing Match when WreckingBall could not answer the 10 count of the referee. Following the match, “B” continued to scold the Wreckingball for his loss, but to his dismay, Wreckingball knocked out “B” with a right hand and delivered 2 devastating splashes putting the Former CEO out of commission. The conclusion to a 1 year feud ended in a mutual handshake by Miller & Wreckingball.

* Danny Danger def. Will Vendetta via pinfall.

* Austin Manix def. Josh Thor via pinfall to obtain his first victory in CLASH Wrestling.

* Tyler Elkins def. Tommy Treznik, Dragon Kreed & Cameron Skyy to become the New CLASH Heavyweight Champion when Elkins pinned Treznik.

The conclusion came at much confusion & surprise when Skyy hit his Ace Of Spades signature on Treznik, followed by a Hellacious Clothesline to Elkins by Kreed, and immediately hitting an additional devastating Clothesline to Skyy. As Kreed went for the cover on Skyy, and the ref counted to 3; it was actually Tyler Elkins whom landed next to Treznik had his arm draped over him unknowingly. To the surprise of all, including himself, Tyler Elkins was victorious and will walk into Taylor, MI on 2/20 as CLASH Heavyweight Champion.