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Results To Friday Night Fury In Livonia, MI (5/22/09)

May 26, 2009 · Print This Article

Special thanks to all who made it out to FRIDAY NIGHT FURY in Livonia, MI this past Saturday night, 5/22. CLASH Wrestling looks forward to seeing you at our Double Feature FREE SHOW this Saturday Night in conjunction with RELAY FOR LIFE at Heritage Park in Taylor, MI!

RESULTS (5/22/09):

* DRAGON KREED (c) def. KEITH CALHOUN via pinfall in a non-title bout. During the closing moments, CAMERON SKYY walked out to watch; as KREED scored the win, SKYY ran in for the attack! As it was separated by security, SKYY pursued to run from behind the crowd and attack KREED once again until security were able to break it apart for good.


* WRECKINGBALL & TOMMY TYDIE def. J. MILLER & CAMERON SKYY when TYDIE pinned MILLER. This one was an interesting bout telling many stories as MILLER & SKYY could not get along, nor could TYDIE & WRECKINGBALL. Accompanied with this, MILLER & WRECKINGBALL mutually have a hatred for one another, as does TYDIE & SKYY moreso in a competitive nature. With this wild-card dealing of athletes all in the same ring, the match concluded when SKYY called for KREED’s “Straight To Hell” Knee drop – this mockery brought KREED to ringside as he chased SKYY from the scene. WRECKINGBALL, not having much ring time in this match, took the opportunity to take advantage of a fallen MILLER, however TYDIE intervened but received a Wreck-Bottom to his dismay! After a devastating splash to MILLER, WRECKINGBALL rolled TYDIE on MILLER for the win.

* KHAMELEON def. GREEN RANGER via pinfall.

* THE FRIENDS (GQ / RAVE K) (c) def. NIGHT-LIFE (MANZO/NIGHT) to retain the CLASH Tag Team Championship. Broken into a Best of 3 engagement, GQ successfully pinned DAVE MANZO. Round 2 saw a victory for JACK NIGHT over RAVE KILLBOURN. Finally, the third fall was tag team action with all four giving the FRIENDS the victory going into the NPCI Tournament on 6/19-20!