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Results To CLASH Wrestling LIVE In Taylor, MI (1/17/09)

January 18, 2009 · Print This Article

First and foremost, a special thanks to all who attended CLASHWrestling LIVE in TAYLOR,MI despite poor weather conditions! Full results on CLASHWRESTLING. COM throughout the week, join us on 1/24 in MT. CLEMENS, MICHIGAN for the return of SCOTTY 2 HOTTY!

RESULTS (1/17):

*** CAMERON SKYY opened up commenting on his title win on 1/10 and had a positive outlook on his REMATCH with JACK NIGHT on 1/24 in MT. CLEMENS, MICHIGAN. TOMMY TYDIE & MIKE DANIELS interupted degrading J. MILLER refering him as beingcarried”and the weak link of the H3RD which is now NO MORE! A tag match challenge was proposed to SKYY & a partner of his choosing later that night* “T-TRAIN” TYLER ELKINS def. “SWAGG STARR” DAVE MANZO via pinfall.

* “ROLE MODEL” JACK NIGHT def. KHAMELEON via pinfall. Post Match: NIGHT positively commented on obtaining a victory over SKYY at MT CLEMENS, MICHIGAN on 1/24…

***WRECKINGBALL commented on J. MILLER’s current diagnosed of a severe case of Cerebral Edema, also known as “Swelling of the Brain” whichwas caused by his vicious attack on MILLER on 1/10! WRECKINGBALL showed no remorse nor regret toward sidelining MILLER indefinitely! WILL VENDETTA interupted and challenged WRECKINGBALL to a match tonight…

* FRIENDS (GQ / RAVE K) def. POWER RANGERS via pinfall.

* WRECKINGBALL def. WILL VENDETTA via pinfall. Post Match: W.B.
attempted to sideline VENDETTA as well wedging him between the two chairs as he did to MILLER, however the FRIENDS made the save!

KREEDwho shockingly stepped in as SKYY’s partner suddenly turned on CAMERON SKYY post match delivering a hellacious move to the champ! CLASH LIVE ended with KREED hovering over SKYY with the CLASH Championship in hand!