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Results To AGE OF ALLEGIANCE (4/25/09)

April 26, 2009 · Print This Article

First & foremost, special thanks to all who attended the Supershow Extravaganza – AGE OF ALLEGIANCE in Taylor, MI this past Saturday Night! Below are the results:


* “SWAGG STARR” DAVE MANZO & “ROLE MODEL” JACK NIGHT def. THE FRIENDS (GQ/RAVE K) in a non-title Tag Match when MANZO pinned GQ. NIGHT had given a shot to GQ with a chain behind the referee’s back to help pick up the victory.

* JASON COLLINS w/ Matthew Collins def. “WILDMAN” ROGERS via pinfall.

* TOMMY TYDIE def. TYLER ELKINS via pinfall with an Alabama Jam Legdrop off the top rope. Following the match, TYDIE offered a public apology to former H3RD Partner J. MILLER for leaving him behind on 1/10/09.

* J. MILLER & THE WRECKINGBALL wrestled to a Double Disqualification as each man pushed the referee aside not wanting to break the 5 count in the corner on one another.

* WILL VENDETTA def. KHAMELEON via pinfall.

* DRAGON KREED (c) def. CAMERON SKYY via pinfall to retain the CLASH Championship.

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