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Results & Photos From Downriver Revolution

May 28, 2008 · Print This Article

If you ask anyone that was in attendance, mixed feelings of shocked, excited, pleased, scared, controversial, skeptic, ecstatic and many more were derived from the DOWNRIVER REVOLUTION! Beginning with unique match types such as the Home Run Derby Challenge, to cars being set on fire, the Taylor Police Dept. arriving, the epic ladder match, and of course the strange rumblings of the H3RD sound bytes that were played mid match in a couple of the contests made this show something for the record books.

What is the H3RD? Is it a man, if so, then whom? Is it an idea or a mission statement? Is it a direction, myth, or is it nothing at all? Hopefully more will be known in coming weeks what this could be all about….Stay Tuned! For now, let us focus on the fact that Downriver Revolution has come and gone, and what an event it was! Without question, Downriver Revolution will live in the CLASH history books as one of the wildest wrestling shows of 2008!

May 24th, 2008 
Taylor Town Trade Center
Taylor, MI

“All-American” Dave Manzo def. GQ Assassin in a Home Run Derby Challenge after it was discovered Coach B was the umpire

Dragon Kreed, The Wreckingball, and Confetti def. Mike Daniels, Skull Williams, and Khameleon.

Will Vendetta def. Tommy Tydie in a Parking Lot Brawl (Sparking Controversy as one car was set on fire, and police were at the scene!)

Rave Killbourn def. Jack Night in a Last Man Standing Match after Rave hit a huge splash on Night through a table on the outside from the top turnbuckle.

 Lance Winston def. “Kamikaze” Keith Calhoun by pinfall.

Steff “The Reff” O’Riley def. Jeremy Jones in a Hair vs. Hair match. Immediately following, Jones was shaved bald

Cameron Skyy (c) def. J. Miller in a Ladder Match to succesfully retain his CLASH Championship.

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