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Read This Column! Striker Offers His Latest Pillar To Post

November 5, 2010 · Print This Article

Hello all you loyal and dedicated CLASH Wrestling fans, welcome to another thrillin’ spillin’ edition of Pillar to Post. As always, Pillar to Post is penned by the most brilliant and inspirational commentator, analyst, journalist, editorialist, and interviewer in CLASH history: John Striker.

Usually I take you, the reader, on a specific journey from Pillar to Post. This week, there’s so much going on we’re going to hop around all the hot spots and you’re going to get my unique perspective on a variety of issues in CLASH Wrestling. So, without further ado, ladies and gents; Pillar to Post.

Breaking news, you heard it here first: CLASH Radio is on a hiatus. You probably think that CLASH Radio would be ‘put on hold’ because I can no longer stand to be near Adam Summers, or because I was sick and tired of dealing with the rude wrestlers and their condescending attitudes… but you’d be wrong. I am sorry to report that CLASH Radio’s future is in question because someone thought they’d provide me a ‘trick’ this Halloween and STOLE all of our equipment from the back seat of my Impala. Sometime between The Future is Unwritten and Wednesday, the culprit snuck into my car and made off with the whole box of equipment. All I can say to that person is: you don’t have to come and confess, we’re looking for you. We’re gonna find you. You can run and tell THAT, homeboy.

Fear not fans, John Striker has connections and I’m currently looking into replacement costs, homeowner’s insurance rate adjustments, and the like. Some microphones, a sound mix board, and about seventy dollar store pens and CLASH Radio will be up and running again!

Saying ‘I told you so” doesn’t really seem appropriate, giving the horrific nature of the injury sustained by FORMER CLASH Heavyweight Champion, J. Miller… but I can’t resist: I told you so!

You would think after I did such a fine and proper job detailing the ‘Curse’ that wrestler’s would heed my wisdom and play it safe. Instead, Miller decides to flip around and OUT of the ring. That’s usually asking for trouble anyway, but when you’ve got the dreaded curse out to get you, it only confusticates the situation.

I spoke to J. Miller on Sunday and he wasn’t looking too good. His cast was huge and totally immobilizing, and he seemed to be in a lot of pain. Worse yet, I would say he was only in ‘fair’ spirits. This is a MAJOR setback for the Murderous One, and I wish him well, but fear the worse.

Man, I don’t know what’s going on with Dragon Kreed lately, but it sure seems like some steam has left his ship, so to speak. I don’t know if it’s the lack of one Jeremy Jones making his decisions but Dragon Kreed seems to be without direction lately, in my eyes at least.

I believe that Dragon Kreed is at his best when hew has a goal, a target. He seeks and destroys. What does Dragon Kreed get out of his personal battle with the H3RD? My answer, nothing. He should have been focused on winning the gold in the All out War match, not eliminating each and every member of the H3RD. But, it is what it is, and Kreed put a bulls eye on his back. H3RD and the dastardly doer of dubious deeds concocted an elixir that was administered to Kreed at The Future is Unwritten. Does this have to do with Treznik’s stated goal of recruiting Kreed into the H3RD? If so, I say “good for Kreed”. My column about not trusting Treznik not withstanding, I think Kreed could certainly use a little direction.

Apparently J. Miller doesn’t know that when someone says ‘break a leg’ they are actually wishing you well and a strong performance. “Ace High” certainly knows that he caught a lucky break in Miller’s broken leg, as he will be wrestling for the CLASH Heavyweight championship at Divided We Fall.

It’s a tough break for Gavin Quinn, who had to struggle through a hellicious battle royal to earn his spot in the match. Quinn told me he was spending ridiculous amounts of time studying everything that Miller does and learning his foe inside and out. Turns out that preparation was in vain, though, as Quinn will now have to change strategies to battle Skyy. I’m sure Quinn’s not complaining, he’s just happy to have the shot but one does have to wonder why Skyy is the lucky recipient of the ‘free pass’… I know there was an emergency board meeting to discuss what to do with the Title match, but I’m not sure who’s pulling so hard for Skyy. My first guess would be CEO Truth Martini, but I’m unsure where the agenda lies.

Maybe I’m just paranoid and reading way too much into this. Maybe the BOD just decided that Skyy has the best track record, what being multi-time champion and all. Maybe they just considered that Skyy Vs. Quinn represented the very best of CLASH Wrestling. Either way, Skyy hit the lottery and now needs to cash in his ticket to win the jackpot – the CLASH Heavyweight Title.

All right folks, that’s enough rambling for one day. Today you went down the rabbit hole, and came out a little wiser for it. Thanks for reading and make sure to come back and check out each and every of Pillar to Post.
John Striker