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Read John Striker’s Latest Column: “Elixir of Friendship”

October 13, 2010 · Print This Article

CLASH’s Mad Scientist of Maneuvers, Tommy Treznik has been burning the midnight oil in his laboratory concocting his precious elixirs. One elixir I don’t expect him to craft, however, is the fabled “Elixir of Friendship”. In fact, I aim to make a case for why you, Austin Manix, the Pain Killers, or anyone else should not trust Tommy Treznik.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking anything away from the guy. I don’t care if he’s trustworthy or not, I’m just putting the warning out there to save others from the frustration and disappointment that comes with Tommy Treznik’s lack of friendship.

So turn off your Bunsen Burners and gather round to hear the tale of the Mad Scientist who could only love himself. Gather round and prepare to go Pillar to Post.

Don’t Follow the Leader
The colorful Confetti, who paired his ridiculous name with a tidied shirt was a CLASH rookie who believed in and followed the guidance of Tommy Treznik. How’s that working out for Confetti now? Last I heard he was a valet parking attendant, barely scraping by. From his point of view, Treznik promised to guide and help him reach the top in CLASH but abruptly changed his mind and petitioned the CLASH Executive Board to fire Confetti. I don’t know what his argument was, but it must’ve worked, as Confetti is barely a memory in most CLASH fans’ minds.

What are Friends For?
Back in January 2009, Wreckingball committed one of the most brutal attacks in CLASH History. In a rage, Wreckingball placed J Miller’s head between two chairs and squashed him like a bug, putting the current Champ out of action for months. Treznik, who was teaming with Miller at the time, was suffering from an intense fear of the Wreckingball and found himself unable to save his partner and ‘best friend’ from a potentially career ending injury. Some best friend that is, right? Wreckingball and Miller would continue to have problems for the better part of the last year. Treznik moved on, forming another partnership…

From Prominence to Obscurity
Treznik combined the best of his last two act of selfishness outlined above and not only mentored Mike Daniels, but also teamed with him. The pairing worked and the duo captured the Tag Team Championships. Their short reign saw Treznik utilize Jeremy Jones to cheat his way into keeping the title. By the 2009 Triple Crown Cup, Treznik had a different agenda in capturing the CLASH Heavyweight Title. Treznik called out his partner and, after berating him in front of the CLASH fans, PGD’d him into retirement. What else is a tag team partner to do?

False Reconciliation
Somehow, someway, J Miller entertained the idea of a reconciliation with Tommy Treznik. Treznik ‘manned up’ and admitted his failings as a partner and friend and, while Miller was skeptical, he slowly accepted Tommy back as his friend and tag partner. It didn’t take long, however, for Treznik’s selfish streak to make itself known. While Miller refused to take advantage of an injured Cameron Skyy, Treznik jumped at the opportunity, defeating Skyy to become the CLASH Heavyweight Champion.

Now Treznik has reformed the H3RD. He is now the mentor / partner of Austin Manix and has somehow employed the Donnie & Jacob Hollows to do his bidding. Will history repeat itself? Will Treznik abandon or betray his partners? Only time will tell. If I were Manix or the Pain Killers I would certainly remember the adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” because you never know when Tommy Treznik will change from friend to foe.