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Read A Different NPCI: Nichlolas P’s CLASH Insider!

June 13, 2009 · Print This Article

It’s a new week and welcome to the CLASH Insider. I am your host, undoubtedly with the most, Nicholas P. Clashertone! There’s tons of topics to cover now that For The Win is in the record books, including the reformation of a great tag team, two men turning their backs on our fans, and a shocking injury to our CLASH Champion. Before I delve right in, let me first remind everyone of our huge weekend on June 19th & 20th. It’s the 2009 NPCI Tag Team Tournament and its almost here! Join CLASH Wrestling as 16 teams (32 men) from around the globe come together for one weekend only!

Pillar To Post and CLASH News Flash both did a great job detailing the big stories coming out of For The Win, so I won’t waste anyone’s time discussing those same issues. In regards to the CLASH Championship, things are certainly up in the air at the moment. Dragon Kreed looks to have seriously injured his shoulder. Will Kreed miss a significant amount of in-ring time? If so, how much? What will that mean in regards to the CLASH Championship? All good questions that will have to be answered in the very near future. Jeremy Jones and I are in a position we’ve never been in before, that is, one of our champions being injured. The CLASH Constitution does not address this situation but rest assured that an amendment regarding the matter will soon be written.

One has to feel for Dragon Kreed. He was just picking up steam as champion. Many agreed that Kreed could have concievably held the championship for months, maybe years to come. Cameron Skyy was obviously frustrated that he could not beat Kreed and finally snapped. The CLASH fans saw a new side of Skyy on Saturday night: sick, twisted, and willing to do anything to regain “his” gold. Tyler Elkins looked equally vicious as he, like a vulture, tore Kreed’s muscle from it’s bone. Who know’s though, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Maybe Dragon Kreed won’t miss any ring time. We should know the answer to that question by next weekend.

Speaking of next weekend, did you know the NPCI is coming up? If it seems like we at CLASH Wrestling are beating the NPCI over your head it’s because we absolutely ARE! Tag Team wrestling is a lost art in our sport and we take great pride in not only in our own teams, but in all aspiring tandems looking to make an impact in the world of wrestling. If you weren’t looking forward to the 2009 NPCI, hopefully the happenings at For The Win swayed your opinion.

For one, we have the reformation (for one weekend only) of the H3RD. Tommy Tydie & J. Miller have agreed that together they make a great unit and have vowed to go back to back with a second NPCI win. This in itself is an oxymoron because if the H3RD win the NPCI they will be the CLASH Tag Team Champions. I like to look at it this way: next weekend is make or break for the H3RD. If they lose, their reformation really was for one weekend only. If they win, who knows? Maybe Miller will forgive Tydie and they’ll find a way to work together as a team again.

I could not believe my eyes as I saw the 4 men responsible for 2008’s “Feud Of The Year,” in the same ring, at the same time, on the same side. I mean, who would have ever thought the H3RD would come to the aid of the Friends? These two teams have had numerous battles throughout the years and have vowed to meet in this years NPCI Finals. Will we see yet another chapter in the book that is H3RD vs. Friends? I certainly hope so!

Myself and the other members of the CLASH Board Of Directors have come to a conclusion on the format of this years NPCI Tournament. As opposed to last year’s 4 round tourament, the 2009 incarnation of the NPCI will consist of 3 rounds. Night #1 (Friday, June 19th) will see all 16 teams compete in 8 round one matches. Night #2 will start with the 8 winning teams squaring off in 4 semifinal matches. The 4 remaining teams will then go on to the Night #2 Main Event: the 2009 NPCI Finals, a 4 Way Elimination Match for the CLASH Wrestling Tag Team Championship. This alteration to the tournament should make for a more action packed show as well as provide a unique dynamic going into the final matchup of the evening.

My 5 Random Observations For The Week:

– I am proud to announce that both Green & Blue Ranger have been given new roles within our company. Both men will now act as CLASH Ambassadors, or Amclashadors, at our live events. Fans will be able to take pictures with and hang out with the Power Rangers at select CLASH Wrestling events in the future. Both Blue & Green will be in attendance at the 2009 NPCI, so get there early and hang out with the Morphin’ Ones!

– Night #2 of the 2009 NPCI will feature a CLASH Gauntlet Match consisting of all the men who are eliminated on Night #1. Winning this match should be a nice consolation prize for the victor. In a related note, we have decided to name this match the 2009 Consolation Prize Gauntlet Invitational, CPGI for short.

– Did you notice that ever member of the CLASH roster is taking part in the 2009 NPCI with the exception of two men: Dragon Kreed & The Wreckingball? Perhaps their past experiences with one another (Jonescorp, Wreckingforce) have soured the two men on future partnerships.

– Not sure which history books Will Vendetta, Adam Summers, and John Striker have been reading, but Vendetta & Winston did not come oh so close to winning the 2008 NPCI. In fact, Will & Lance lost in the very first round to the Friends. Laughable characters the likes of Confetti, Mr. Wrestling X, and Jeremy Jones (!) made it further. I do expect Will & Lance to do very well this year though!

– To JS: When one claims that they are not copying the style or idea of another, this does nothing more than bring attention to the fact that they, the aforementioned “one”, are truly just copying.

That’s all for this now, check back next week for an inside look at the 2009 NPCI!
Nicholas P.