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Pick Up Your Copy Of Tommy Treznik In CLASH Today!

May 27, 2011 · Print This Article

Fans of the Mad Scientist will be happy to know that Tommy Treznik in CLASH: Volume #1 is now available on DVD! Witness over two hours of matches and interviews collected from the Mad Scientist’s time spent in CLASH Wrestling. From the very first elixir ever used, to the Antidote Ladder Match, to everything in between, Tommy Treznik in CLASH: Volume #1 chronicles it all! Click on the link below to purchase your copy today!



“Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik In CLASH: Volume #1 DVD


Tommy Treznik vs. Elkins vs. Zane vs. Hammett vs. Skyy vs. Manix (All Out War)
Tommy Treznik vs. Dave Manzo (Divided We Fall)
Antidote Ladder Match (Seize The Day IV)
Tommy Treznik vs. Libra vs. Skyy vs. Shark Boy vs. Manzo vs. Elkins (Contenders Cup)
The H3RD vs. Team CLASH (To Infinity & Beyond)
Tommy Treznik vs. Ophidian (CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011)
Tommy Treznik vs. Jimmy Wang Yang (Age Of Allegiance)
The H3RD vs. Too Sweet (Age Of Allegiance)