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Painkillers vs. ??? Signed For CLASH To The Future: Part 4

March 15, 2012 · Print This Article

Last week we announced that CLASH To The Future: Part 4 will play host to bouts entitled “CLASH From The Past, Present or Future.” In these matches, current CLASH Wrestling competitors will square off with a mystery opponent(s) who will not be revealed until the bell rings on March 31st! To make matters even more interesting, these mystery competitors will step into Doc Emmett B’s Time Machine prior to their match!

The first competitor announced for such a match this year was “Caveman” Tyler Elkins. Today we are pleased to announce that the maniacal duo of The Painkillers will also take part in a CLASH From The Past, Present of Future Match! The only question is, who exactly will Donnie & Jacobs Hallows be facing? A figure from CLASH Wrestling’s past? Or present? Or future? Further, who will join the likes of the futuristic R2TD2, Keith Calhoun cerca 1986 & Spartan 3000 Matt Cross and step out of Doc Emmett B’s Time Machine? There’s only one way to find out! Join us for CLASH TO THE FUTURE: PART 4 on MARCH 31ST! Tickets are available now, click here to get yours today!