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Notes From Seize The Day II – Injuries, H3RD, & More

January 12, 2009 · Print This Article

Just some extra news and notes arriving in from SEIZE THE DAY II in TAYLOR, MI this past weekend.  While the event itself was a success, it goes without saying to not try this at home as injury occurs even with professionals.

* J. MILLER SUFFERS SERIOUS HEAD INJURY, SIDELINED INDEFINITELY.  On top of the sudden death overtime in the 30 Minute Ironman match against the FRIENDS, J. MILLER sustained serious head injury at the hands of THE WRECKINGBALL with a vicious attack after the match.  This attack included two chair shots to the head accompanied with two thunderous splashes across J. MILLER’s head & neck as it was lodged between two chairs.  As four members of security helped MILLER to the back, he was forced to seek medical attention immediately following SEIZE THE DAY II.

Early observations suggested this head injury to be a severe case of Cerebral Edema, also known as “Brain Swelling” which is generally a result of different kinds of injury to the brain.  With this news, “The Murderous Monk” will be out of action this Saturday Night, as he has an appointment with doctors for an official prognosis.  CLASH Wrestling should have more answers by Saturday Night, 1/17 on his condition.

* H3RD NO MORE?  As everyone in attendance witnessed the devastation of J. MILLER by THE WRECKINGBALL, fellow H3RD Member TOMMY TYDIE intentionally chose to desert and abandon MILLER during the attack!  What does this mean for one of the most dominating tag teams in CLASH Wrestling, the H3RD?  This Saturday Night, 1/17, TOMMY TYDIE will address us LIVE!

* JACK NIGHT & CAMERON SKYY MUTUALLY INJURED DURING CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT.  As many tuned in for the epic rematch between CAMERON SKYY and JACK NIGHT, the two mutually suffered their own set of injuries coming out of the NO DQ match.  JACK NIGHT suffered a concussion from the kendo stick shots to the head.  It is unknown if NIGHT will be appearing THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, 1/17 in TAYLOR, MI.  Meanwhile, SKYY suffered a minor neck injury but is not expected to miss any time in the ring.