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Nicholas P. Returns With Another CLASH Insider

July 14, 2009 · Print This Article

Welcome all to the latest edition of the CLASH Insider with your’s truly, Nicholas P. Clashertone! I’m a little bit older, a lotta bit wiser, and ready to discuss a number of topics concerning our great company. I apologize for going AWOL the last couple of weeks, but with so much going on with the 2009 NPCI and my birthday bash (more later), things have just now settled down in the ‘Tone Home. But I’m back and better than ever, and I’ve been told I have a knack for making things better…
Was last weekend fun or what? Two huge CLASH Wrestling live events took place on back and back nights, and the action was off the charts! I’d like to personally thank everyone who made it out to our shows this past weekend. There’s a ton of news stories coming out of Friday & Saturday night, but the biggest of them all has to be that concerning the CLASH Championship.
We are less than two weeks away from a match I personally cannot wait to see: J. Miller vs. Tommy Tydie for the CLASH Championship! Tydie & Miller have reached the top of the tag team mountain together on 3 separate occassions, in fact they’ve battled alongside one another for the better part of two years. On Saturday night, July 25th this all changes, no longer will the careers of Tydie & Miller be intertwined. One man will distance himself from his former friend and partner when he becomes the new CLASH Champion. Who’s your pick to win? Perhaps never before has there been a more evenly matched CLASH Championship Match. The former H3RD teammates have trained together, lived together, worked together. They know each other’s moves and countermoves. It will truly be a battle of human chess when these two men square off at the Game On Sports Center in Taylor, MI.
Over the course of the last few months, CLASH fans have grown to cheer and support both men, so it should be interesting to see the reaction each man recieves on July 25th. CLASH fans have waited patiently for either Tydie or Miller to fully reach their potential and go for the “big one”. How ironic is it that both men have reached that point at the same time, and the only person standing in their way is one another?
At Friday Night Fury, CLASH Champion Dragon Kreed was forced to relinquish his title due to injury. Dragon expressed his true, heartfelt emotions and how can you not feel for the guy? Kreed literally spent the last 6-9 months training and waiting for his moment to become champion. Dragon pushed his body and mind to limits I’m not sure even he himself thought were possible, and just when he was able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, tradegy strikes. Kreed expressed his frustration to everyone in the Taylor Town Trade Center. He made it a point to tell everyone his intentions once he returns from injury. I witnessed the passion and feriocity in Dragon’s eyes in person and I know he means every word he spoke on Friday night. If I were Tyler Elkins or Cameron Skyy, I’d be sure to watch my back for the forseeable future.
Dragon Kreed is unfortunately no longer alone on the injured list as Wreckingball suffered torn ligaments and tendons in his ankle during a bout on Friday night. Like in the case of Dragon Kreed, the injury could not come at a worse time for Wreckingball as he was just granted the Consolation Prize for winning the CPGI. The prize is rumored to be an unsigned contract, and it’s owner can use it on any match at any time. There’s no word yet as to who or how a new prize winner will be determined, although you can count the Wreckingball out of the running, as he will be shelved for 2-3 months at the least.
It was only a matter of time before someone was able to put a dent in the Friends armor. GQ & Rave have been untouchable since winning the Tag Team Championship for a third time in March of this year. Nightlife, Osirian Portal, even the H3RD have been unable to defeat the Tag Champs in recent months. The Friends tag dominance came to a halt on Saturday night as Ontario’s Beauty & The Beast defeated the Tag Champs in a Non-Title encounter. After the bout, B&TB’s Ethan Page challenged the Friends to a Tag Team Championship Match, citing their victory as their claim to #1 Contendership. Myself & Jeremy Jones have reviewed the tape and despite the nature of their victory (the referee’s call is final), have granted Beauty & The Beast a title opportunity. Beauty & The Beast have promised to name the date of their Tag Team Championship Match on an upcoming webisode of CLASH In A Flash.
Nicholas P’s. Five Random Thoughts For The Week:
– I’d like to personally wish CLASH official Marty Epps the best of luck in his future endevours. Marty has decided not to renew his referee’s license and therefore has officiated his last match. This youngster has spent the better part of two years with a proverbial front row seat to some of finest wrestlers in the world and I personally hope he somehow applies that education to the wrestling business.
– A major thumbs down goes to Nightlife for spoiling my birthday bash a few days ago. Jack Night took upon himself to slap me across the face numerous times, whilst Dave Manzo suggested I “taste it.” No thanks, I’ll pass. I’ve already began discussions with Jeremy Jones on a suiting punishment for these party-crashing jocks.
– Blue Ranger never looked better than this past Friday night when he & The Friends took on the trio of Colt Ryan & Nightlife. The action that took place in that match was some of the funniest I’ve ever seen in a professional wrestling ring. GQ & Rave must’ve stayed up all night watching “Weekend At Bernies” for offensive insipiration.
– Tyler Elkins & Will Vendetta traded victories over one another this past weekend. Something tells me there’s more to this rivalry than meets the eye. I’ve been told by more than a few in the locker room that Vendetta’s rockstar ways have always rubbed the bearded brute the wrong way.
– I’m happy to announce that a number of NPCI competitors will be returning to a CLASH ring on the weekend of August 7th & 8th. Chikara’s Create-A-Wrestler, Josh Thor, Beauty & The Beast, Logan Savage, and Fast & Fabulous are just a few of the many men who have already signed on to take part in our huge back to back weekend. Expect even more competitors (including men making their CLASH in-ring debuts) to be announced in the days and weeks to come!
That’s all for this week!
Nicholas P.