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Nicholas P. Compares Downriver Revolution 08 & 09

July 23, 2009 · Print This Article

Welcome all to the latest edition of the CLASH Insider! I’m Nicholas P. Clashertone, your favorite executive and master of the written word. There’s lots to cover this week, so let’s dive right in. Did you realize we are just 48 hours away from Downriver Revolution? This Saturday is shaping up to be an absolutely huge event. It’s our return to the Game On Sports Center and we will crown not only a new owner of the Consolation Prize, but a new CLASH Champion!

Quick note for those wondering why Nightlife did not gain entry into the Consolation Prize Battle Royal: I said in my last column that myself & Jeremy Jones would find a way to punish Dave Manzo & Jack Night for crashing my birthday party a few weeks ago, and not competing in this prestigious match sounds like a fitting punishment. Next time you slap me across the face, consider the consequences guys, “Don’t Cross The Boss!”

Moving on, for this week’s column, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the 7 participants on Saturday’s event who also competed in last year’s Downriver Revolution. (There’s actually 9 men, but I’m not going to talk about Dave Manzo & Jack Night: I’m still bitter, but I’m getting over it.) Who has climbed the CLASH ladder of success? Who has fallen down a few rungs? Let’s discuss & analyze: NICKY P. STYLE!

Downriver Revolution 2008: vs. Cameron Skyy (CLASH Championship: Ladder Match)
Downriver Revolution 2009: vs. Tommy Tydie (CLASH Championship)

A year has gone by and J. Miller finds himself in the same position he did last year: that is, challenging for the CLASH Championship. Longtime fans will never forget Miller’s performance last year, as the Murderous Monk nearly crippled himself in his pursuit of the CLASH Championship. This year, there’s no ladder, but Miller faces arguably his biggest challenge ever, former friend & tag team partner Tommy Tydie. It’s taken a year, but Miller is back atop the CLASH mountain, literally 3 seconds away from becoming only the 4th man in history to earn the right to be called CLASH Champion.

Downriver Revolution 2008: vs. Will Vendetta (Parking Lot Brawl)
Downriver Revolution 2009: vs. J. Miller (CLASH Championship)

This time last year, Tydie was in the middle of a lengthy rivalry with Will Vendetta, which culiminated in the now-infamous Parking Lot Brawl. Both men took to the streets, destroying property and lighting the car of now-CEO Jeremy Jones on fire. Since then, Tydie has become a 4 time Tag Team Champion and is a former winner of the Triple Crown Cup. All of this pales in comparison to the challenge awaiting Tydie on Saturday night. Downriver Revolution is, without question, the biggest night in the history of “The Man’s Man” career. If he can defeat his former best friend & H3RD member J. Miller, Tydie will accomplish his lifelong goal of becoming CLASH Champion.

Downriver Revolution 2008: vs. J. Miller (CLASH Championship: Ladder Match)
Downriver Revolution 2009: vs. Rave Killbourn, Consolation Prize Battle Royal

The only multiple-time CLASH Champion in history, Cameron Skyy was only a few months into his now legendary 10 month title reign going into last year’s Downriver Revolution. At the conclusion of last year’s event, Cameron walked out of CLASH’s first ever ladder match with the Championship on his shoulder. Recently, Cameron has become obsessed with the title, turning his back on his friends & fans in hopes reclaiming the top spot in the CLASH hierarchy. Skyy gets his chance at redemption on Saturday night. A victory over Rave Killbourn and a win in the Consolation Prize Battle Royal would go a very long way in cementing Cameron’s spot as the next challenger to the CLASH Championship.

Downriver Revolution 2008: vs. Jack Night (Last Man Standing Match)
Downriver Revolution 2009: vs. Cameron Skyy, Consolation Prize Battle Royal

I like to think last year’s Downriver Revolution event was the beginning of the next chapter in Rave Killbourn’s career; he concluded his 4 month rivalry with Jack Night with a resounding victory, crashing through a table from the top rope to the floor. Since then, Killbourn has become one of the most loved wrestlers in all of CLASH and a 3 time Tag Team Champion with his friend GQ Assassin. Saturday night is Rave’s chance to prove to everyone that like last year, he can succeed on his own.

Downriver Revolution 2008: vs. Dave Manzo (Home Run Derby Challenge)
Downriver Revolution 2009: vs. Khameleon, Consolation Prize Battle Royal

Like Rave Killbourn, GQ Assassin has found his most success in CLASH Wrestling in two ways as one half of a Tag Team. Last year, GQ took part in Dave Manzo’s then-speciality match, the Home Run Derby Challenge. This year, GQ is not a part of a heated rivalry, but the opportunity for advancement is abundant. GQ will take on his former TPFAN (tag partner for a night) Khameleon, and challenge for the coveted Consolation Prize. If GQ ever had aspirations for singles success, Saturday night would be the perfect opportunity to let the world know.

Downriver Revolution 2008: vs. 6 Man Tag Match Featuring Dragon Kreed & Wreckingball
Downriver Revolution 2009: vs. GQ Assassin, Consolation Prize Battle Royal

What can be said about Khameleon’s performance at last year’s Downriver Revolution? At the conclusion of the match, the youngster had to be excited had hadn’t broken a bone r suffered ligament damage after facing Dragon Kreed & Wreckingball. While one may think the odds are just as stacked against Khameleon this year, you can’t forget that he does have experience on his side. A former winner of the CLASH Maskerade Match, Khameleon was granted one wish by Genie Jones (which he used to win the CLASH Tag Team Championships). The Consolation Prize works the same way: the holder gets any one wish to be granted at any place, at any time. Saturday night is Khameleon’s chance to once again get that wish, by winning the Consolation Prize Battle Royal.

Downriver Revolution 2008: vs. Tommy Tydie (Parking Lot Brawl)
Downriver Revolution 2009: vs. Colt Ryan, Consolation Prize Battle Royal

At last year’s Downriver Revolution, Will Vendetta leapt from a destroyed station wagon to steel and asphalt below to win the first and last ever Parking Lot Brawl. Some will argue, myself included, that this was the biggest win in Vendetta’s career. Will, with his newfound hard rock image, is looking for a similar career-boosting win. I personally can’t think of better (and quicker) way than defeating Colt Ryan & winning the Consolation Prize Battle Royal.

Wow, that took longer than I expected. See you next week!
-Nicholas P.