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Nicholas P. & Another Edition Of CLASH Insider

May 29, 2009 · Print This Article

Nicolas P. Clashertone here and welcome to the latest CLASH Insider. We have alot to cover this week but first I’d like to remind everyone of our absolutely FREE show this Saturday night when CLASH Wrestling competes at the 2009 Relay For Life in Taylor, MI! Come on out and support CLASH Wrestling and the American Cancer Society!

Before I dive right into newz-n-viewz, I’d like to address my fellow CLASHWRESTLING.COM columnist John Striker. In the latest Pillar to Post, Striker questions my authority. It was in that moment that I realized if one of my own employees is unsure of my position within CLASH Wrestling, then you fans must really be confused. So allow me, Nicholas P., to set the record straight.

Am I the ruler of the CLASH galaxy? Yes. Does this mean that Jeremy Jones has no power? Absolutely not. CLASH Wrestling is my company, as I purchased it in late 2007 and launched our brand on January 5th, 2008. In August of last year, I decided not only to scale back my personal appearances, but to find a like-minded business partner. Jeremy Jones stepped up with a very lucrative offer and purchased a 49% share of our company. The CLASH commitee also named Jones CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Myself and Jeremy have a great working relationship, but make no mistake about it Striker, I’m the man who signs the checks of the man who signs your checks.

Lots of interesting developments this past Friday in Livonia. There’s not much more that can be said about the issues between Cameron Skyy & Dragon Kreed as well as the interesting trio of Wreckingball, J. Miller, and now Tommy Tydie; both CLASH Radio & Pillar To Post did a great job covering those stories. What I will say is that these 5 men will definitely play an integral part in our Taylor, MI return at For The Win! on June 6th. Cameron Skyy has his back against the wall, it’s like his
4th or 5th attempt at regaining the CLASH Championship. Fans are starting to turn against Cameron as he doing anything he can to win, including attacking Dragon Kreed from behind. Another interesting bout scheduled at For The Win is Tommy Tydie vs. Wreckingball. These two men did not get along at all in Livonia, in fact Wreckingball Wreckbottomed Tydie in the matches closing moments. These two men have only met 1 on 1 once before (in Riverview; December 2008). Add in the element of J. Miller, his hatred for Wreckingball, his once friendship with Tydie, and you have an explosive situation for sure!

The 2009 NPCI field continues to grow. We now know 9 of the 16 teams which will compete on June 19th & 20th. This past week 3 more teams were revealed, each of which look to walk out of the Taylor Town Trade Center with the CLASH Tag Team Titles. ROH stars Irish Airborne, Chikara’s Frightmare and a partner TBD, and Chicago’s In The Club have all entered the field. Fans of our sport need no introduction to Irish Airborne, the brother duo from Ohio have excelled everywhere they go, and few expect CLASH to be any different. Chikara’s Frightmare often teams with Hallowicked to make up Incoherence, but word on the street is that Frightmare has chosen another man to team with on June 19th & 20th. Who will that man be? Join us at the 2009 NPCI to find out! In The Club often compete for Chicago’s Elite Pro Wrestling and are comprised of Ace Maritino & John E. OC. Both men are standout competitive athletes, in fact Ace Maritino reminds me of the once “All American” Dave Manzo. At least 1 more NPCI Tag Team will be announced this Saturday night when CLASH presents a FREE show at the 2009 Relay For Life in Taylor, MI!

5 Random Thoughts For The Week:

– In my opinion, Nightlife had a great showing on Friday night. Collectively they have the ability to become one of the best tag teams in all of CLASH Wrestling. I don’t think it’s too long before Jack Night & Dave Manzo are spoken in the same breath as other great CLASH Tag Teams such as the Friends and the H3RD.

– I had a great discussion with Tyler Elkins the other day. It seems that the “T-Train” has decided to adopt a new in-ring strategy which he plans on utilizing in the near future. Elkins told me he’s been watching “tons of Lou Thesz and Karl Gotch.” Should be interesting to see Tyler’s new approach to our sport.

– I’m excited to see Lance Winston again when he joins Will Vendetta for the 2009 NPCI. Lance has spent the last year in Florida and I hear that he’s gotten better than ever. Lance & Will had great chemistry as a team last year and may be a dark horse to win this year’s tournament. Win or lose, these two rockers will definitely be the life of the party on June 19th & 20th.

– Albeit by devious means, SR17 picked up their first win this past Friday night in Livonia. Van Envy & Kris Konflict are not waiting for their opportunity to come knocking, they’re taking it. In fact, I’ve heard that SR17 have lobbied for another opportunity to qualify for the 2009 NPCI. Time will tell if Jeremy Jones allows this duo the opportunity.

– We haven’t seen or heard much from Blue Ranger lately, but I’ve gotten word from a reliable source (Green Ranger) that Blue will be making a very special appearance at June 6th’s For The Win.

May your fortune-filled ice cream cone fortune come true,
-Nicholas P. Clashertone