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Newswire for March 10, 2008

March 29, 2008 · Print This Article

CLASH Newswire For The Week Of March 9th, 2008
Monday, March 10th, 2008

We are only two days removed from Saturday’s CLASH Wrestling Live Event and what a show it was! CLASH Wrestling would like to thank each and every person who joined us on Saturday night. We strongly recommend everyone join us again in two weeks time when CLASH returns to the Taylor Town Trade Center for perhaps its BIGGEST event of the year thus far, the 2008 TRIPLE CROWN CUP!!

It’s less than two weeks away! CLASH Wrestling returns to the Taylor Town Trade Center on Saturday Night, MARCH 22ND AT 6 PM for TRIPLE CROWN CUP: COLD HARD CLASH!! Admission is just $5. Tickets are available now and will be sold at the door, but ARRIVE EARLY because they are going fast!! Driving directions are available at CLASHWRESTLING.COM! THE 2008 TRIPLE CROWN CUP promises to be the biggest CLASH event to date!! Just check out the card below!

CLASH Wrestling Presents: 2008 Triple Crown Cup

6PM. Doors Open At 5 PM.
March 22nd, 2008 @ Taylor Town Trade Center
Tickets Are Available NOW And Will Be Sold At The Door

The 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament
Featuring: CLASH Champion “Ace High” Cameron Skyy, the #1 Contender J. Miller, “The All American” Dave Manzo w/ Coach B, GQ Assassin, Jack Night w/ Castor Strong, “Punisher” Skull Williams, Tommy Tydie, Rave Killbourn, & Will Vendetta!

Three Random Round #1 Triple Threat Matches will take place, with the winners advancing to the finals for not only the Triple Crown Cup Trophy, but $3333.33 in COLD HARD CASH!

Non-Tournament Match
Joseph T. Storm w/ Jeremy Jones vs. Steff O’Riley

Keep checking CLASHWRESTLING.COM for the latest updates to the card!!

For those unaware, the 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament also has two rule additions one must consider. To ensure that the event has a clean outcome, Nicholas Clashertone has announced that interference is barred from all Triple Crown Cup Matches. Failure to abide by Mr. Clashertone’s rule will result in automatic suspension from CLASH. Finally, in an effort to keep our wrestlers from preparing for their opposition, Triple Crown Cup Round 1 Matches will be drawn completely at random and only announced LIVE to the audience and talent on March 22nd, 2008! Friends may face friends, enemies may face enemies – anything is possible at the 2008 Triple Crown Cup! Without question, March 22nd will indeed be an interesting day for CLASH Wrestling when our best battle not only for bragging rights, not only for $3333.33 in prize money, but for the right and the honor to be called the winner of the 2008 TRIPLE CROWN CUP! YOU HAVE TO BE THERE!! Who will walk out with the trophy and the prize money? We all find out on MARCH 22ND!!

One of the biggest news items coming out of Saturday’s live event is that J. Miller’s first CLASH Championship opportunity is now set in stone!! It will be Miller vs. Cameron Skyy for the CLASH Championship on April 4th when CLASH Wrestling debuts in ROCKWOOD, MI! The “Murderous Monk” made his intentions clear on Saturday night – he wants the championship! Not only does Miller want the title, he along with Cameron Skyy and GQ Assassin all warned one another that they were gunning for the Triple Crown Cup! March 22nd will certainly be a combustible event as all of CLASH is vying for the same prize! Miller and Skyy want to prove their dominance, while GQ Assassin is sick of being overlooked!! Which man will hoist the trophy when the night is said and done? And remember, with matches being random – it could be Miller vs. Skyy vs. GQ on the 22nd!! Anything is possible at the Triple Crown Cup!!

This past Saturday night marked a new low in the career of Tommy Tydie. After his bout with Confetti on Saturday night, Will Vendetta received a frantic phone call in which he learned his grandmother was rushed to the hospital. Without thinking, Will left the building immediately. CLASH fans learned later in the night that “The Man’s Man” was behind the whole thing. Tydie reasoned that the cruel trick on Will Vendetta and his family was necessary because he wanted the night’s focus to be on him. Tydie promised to win the 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament and that March 22nd would mark the rebirth of his career. One thing is for certain – the rivalry between Tydie and Will is FAR FROM OVER!! Both men will be in the Triple Crown Cup Tournament on March 22nd!! And with matches being random, they may be in the same ring – at the same time!! Tydie has vowed to win the Triple Crown Cup, but does Will Vendetta stand in his way yet again?? We’ll learn the answers to these questions on MARCH 22ND!!

In other news:

– We are still awaiting word from Nicholas Clashertone in regards to the punishment of Castor Strong and Jack Night for their actions on February 23rd. The boss spent the better part of last week in meetings and an official announcement should be come within the next two weeks.

– Rave Killbourn is still scheduled to compete in the 2008 Triple Crown Cup. Should doctors fail to clear “The Modern Day Outlaw” before March 22nd; a suitable replacement will be found. There is no further word on the extent of Lisa’s injuries, although many close to her have said that her return to CLASH is unlikely.

– Jeremy Jones issued the challenge and it has been accepted! It will be Steff “The Reff” O’Riley versus Joseph T. Storm at the 2008 Triple Crown Cup. Jones has made fun of the fact that Steff is yet to get a victory in CLASH. Will it happen on the 22nd? Can Steff defeat JTS and score his first win? Join us at the Triple Crown Cup to find out!!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of our Newswire, remember CLASH Wrestling returns to Taylor in TWO WEEKS on SATURDAY NIGHT, MARCH 22nd for THE 2008 TRIPLE CROWN CUP!! The Taylor Town Trade Center will be shaking to its foundation when the best in CLASH battle for the trophy and prize money!! Tickets are only $5 bucks and will be sold at the door!! CLASH Wrestling promises to deliver yet again!! Don’t miss out, be a part of CLASH Wrestling LIVE! when we present THE 2008 TRIPLE CROWN CUP on MARCH 22ND!!