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Monk vs. Caveman Signed For Fight Against Cancer 5

April 9, 2012 · Print This Article

Last week we announced that CLASH officials have signed 4 huge singles matches to take place at Fight Against Cancer 5 on April 28th pitting Petey Williams, Cameron Skyy, Gavin Quinn & J. Miller each against an opponent of their rivals choosing. The first of these bouts, dubbed “Competitors Choice” was also announced when we learned that #1 Contender Cameron Skyy has elected Dragon Greed to square off against current CLASH Champion Petey Williams.

Today, we are pleased to announce the second signed “Competitors Choice” Match as “GQ” Gavin Quinn has selected his hand picked opponent for J. Miller. Thus, on April 28th the “Murderous Monk” will square off against the “Caveman” Tyler Elkins in a first time ever encounter! Who will walk out victorious in this battle of former CLASH Champions? J. Miller or Tyler Elkins? Further, we’ve yet to learn who Miller & Petey will choose as the opposition of Quinn & Skyy respectively.

These “Competitors Choice” matches bring forth a number of questions, will you be there to see them all answered? There’s only one way to do so! Join us for our annual fundraising event FIGHT AGAINST CANCER 5 ON APRIL 28TH where event proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society! Tickets are available now, click here to get yours today!