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Mixed Tag Team Match Signed For Age Of Allegiance

April 8, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH officials have finalized the fourth match for April 23rd’s Age Of Allegiance event and at the center of the bout is the most heated rivalry in all of CLASH Wrestling: The Caveman vs. Ace High! Tyler Elkins & Cameron Skyy have been at each others throats since November of last year and have wrestled in a number of bouts, none of which have had a winner.

From a double countout, to a double disqualification, to a no contest: in the Skyy/Elkins feud neither man has had an advantage. This will change on April 23rd when the Ace High & the Caveman lead their respective teams into battle in a Mixed Tag Match at Age Of Allegiance! Cameron Skyy has chose CLASH’s own Mena Libra as his partner. Most recently competiting in the Contenders Cup before making her SHIMMER debut, Mena Libra may be Skyy’s perfect choice as a partner. On the other side of the ring, Tyler Elkins has chose a woman who has never wrestled in CLASH, the cheerleader December. Elkins has promised not only a victory on April 23rd, but a victory cheer the likes of which have never been seen before.

So which team will walk out victorious in this Mixed Tag Team Match at Age Of Allegiance? Will the CLASH superteam of Cameron Skyy & Mena Libra simply be too much for the Caveman & his personal cheerleader? Will Tyler Elkins & December get to debut their much anticipated “victory cheer”? Most importantly, which man will finally gain an advantage in the most heated rivalry in all of CLASH Wrestling? There’s only one way to find out! Join us on April 23rd when CLASH Wrestling presents Age Of Allegiance!