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Mena Libra vs. Leah Von Dutch Added To Contenders Cup

February 9, 2012 · Print This Article

For the past two years, Mena Libra has squared off against any and all competitors that have been placed in front of her. Whether it was a man, a woman or even CLASH CEO Truth Martini, Mena has wrestled them all, undoubtedly proving herself to be one of the most resourceful competitors in all of CLASH. At the Contenders Cup, Mena will be presented with a new challenge in fellow female competitor Leah Von Dutch.

With less than a year of experience under her belt, Leah Von Dutch is a relative newcomer to the sport of professional wrestling. But what Von Dutch lacks in experience she makes up for in her training. Hand selected by former WWE Champion Edge (VIDEO BELOW), Von Dutch was trained by one of the finest schools in all of Canada. Word on the street is that Von Dutch is talented and she knows it. Her elitist attitude has not won her many friends in her native country. Time will only tell if she brings that same cockiness to CLASH Wrestling.

Which of these female competitors will walk out victorious on February 25th? Can Mena Libra continue her momentum with a victory over the debuting Leah Von Dutch? Or will Von Dutch make an instant impression by defeating the most dominant female competitor in CLASH history? There’s only one way to find out! Join us for CONTENDERS CUP on FEBRUARY 25TH! Tickets are available now, click here to get yours today!