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MDogg20 Added & Other Changes To Fandemonium

September 25, 2008 · Print This Article

In late breaking news, we at CLASHWRESTLING.COM can now confirm that ROH and WSX star “MDogg 20″ Matt Cross will be at Fandemonium THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!! Cross has literally wrestled all across the globe and has chosen his next stop to showcase his wrestling expertise: a CLASH ring! MDogg’s addition to the card is the mastermind of CLASH CEO Jeremy Jones, who is really taking the notion of “Fan Appreciation Month” to heart. When asked to comment, Jones had this to say:

“Matt Cross is a world-renowned athlete who has competed not only all across this country, but all across the globe. His addition to the Fandemonium card is just another reason everyone should come check out Fandemonium this weekend. Everything CLASH has to offer will be on showcase this Saturday night.”

Cross’s opponent for the evening, “The Murderous Monk” J. Miller was handpicked by Jones himself.

“Miller is widely regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers in our promotion”, Jones said. “He will match up nicely with Mr. Cross. These two men will put on a Match of the Year Candidate in my opinion.”

 The addition of Matt Cross to Fandemonium does effect the previously announced  card to an extent, but Jones has assured us that it’s only for the better.

“In regards to Confetti’s sacrifice, I’ve been told by Tommy Tydie that the H3RD still has something in store for Confetti on Saturday night.”

In other Fandemonium news, Jones has announced that the CLASH Tag Team Championship match will now be a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match, spotlighting the teams of Friends, the H3RD, Steff & Khameleon, and the Power Rangers.

“My reasoning is simple. Voting has been absolutely tremendous for the Tag Team Championship Match. In fact, this match alone has literally thousands of votes cast, the most of any match at Fandemonium. Unfortunately, our servers crashed late last night and over 500 votes went unrecognized. In the interest of fairness, I’ve changed the match to a Fatal 4 Way Elimination bout, in which all 4 teams will be able to compete for the titles.”

Fandemonium is surely shaping up to be a fantastic card. In addition to Matt Cross vs. J. Miller and what is expected to be a high-flying, wild Fatal 4 Way Match for the CLASH Tag Titles, fans can still cast their vote for Cameron Skyy vs. The Wreckingball,  Dragon Kreed vs. Will Vendetta, Tyler Elkins vs. Dave Manzo, and Colt Ryan’s challenge to Keith Calhoun! Join us this Saturday as we show our appreciation for YOU our fans as we present the most interactive show of the year: FANDEMONIUM!!