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Main Event Of Seize The Day VI Officially Signed

December 13, 2012 · Print This Article

This should be no surprise to loyal CLASH patrons that’s followed the fierce competition that exists in the CLASH Championship scene and what better of a main event for SEIZE THE DAY VI – J.Miller will challenge Petey Williams for the gold!

Current CLASH Champion, Petey Williams has held the prestigious title for almost a full year defending it successfully against adversaries such as Gavin Quinn, Cameron Skyy and Blue Ranger. It wasn’t until his collision with J.Miller this fall that we saw a different side of Petey Williams. The match for the biggest prize ended in a draw on 9/29/12 at ALL OUT WAR, and it appeared Petey had run into opposition he may not be able to overcome. Since then, Petey Williams’ fan approval has begun to diminish as the Champion has attempted to avoid a face-off with J.Miller.

Now, a face-off between the two is unavoidable, J.Miller claimed the right to #1 contender at DIVIDED WE FALL on 11/17/12! While it looked like Petey Williams came to congratulate Miller on the victory and embrace this future bout, it turned to be a failed attempt of a surprise attack Miller saw coming as our season finale concluded with tension in the air among two of today’s top CLASH athletes.

This time, there will be no surprises and there must be a winner! Who will claim the prize? Who will SEIZE THE DAY? Join us to find out in what we are already predicting to be an early “Match Of The Year” candidate LIVE on Saturday, January 19th in Taylor, MI! Tickets are available here: