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Last Minute Changes To The 2010 NPCI!

July 15, 2010 · Print This Article

For the past 2 months, WWW.CLASHWRESTLING.COM has been your source for all things NPCI. Here we are, less than 24 hours before the biggest Tag Team Tournament in the state of Michigan and there is still news to report! Travel & talent issues have caused a few changes to this weekend’s tournament. Keep reading if you want to keep abreast of what’s going down this weekend.

– Due to travel issues, The Jawbreakers of Danny Danger & Josh Thor have been forced to relinquish their spot in the tournament. Taking their place is the duo of Jacob & Donnie Hallows, collectively known as The Hallowed Souls. The Souls, who were originally scheduled for Night #1’s “Wild Card” Battle Royal, now have a guaranteed spot in the opening round of the NPCI.

– Speaking of Night #1’s “Wild Card” Battle Royal, CLASH Management has decided to cancel the bout and instead randomly select the two men who will make up the 16th & final NPCI Tag Team. The “Wild Card” team will be announced, exclusively on CLASH Wrestling’s official Twitter page tonight, Thursday July 15th @ 10 PM!

– Furthermore, it was CLASH management’s decision to put the two latest NPCI additions against each other, so tomorrow night, it’s Hallowed Souls vs. Wild Card Team! Another change to opening round lineup is Hybrid Wrestling vs. Aeroform. The full opening round lineup is as follows:

The Better Halves vs. Age Of The Fall
Power Rangers vs. Inter Species Wrestling
Wreck N’ Roll vs. Kosher Klub
Hallowed Souls vs. Wild Card Team
Too Sweet vs. Beyond Wrestling
Hybrid Wrestling vs. Aeroform
Bump N’ Uglies vs. 3.0
Victorious Secret vs. Nightlife

– Finally, word around the water cooler is that if you like surprises, then NPCI Night #1 is for you. Read into that what you’d like. That’s all for now, we hope to see everyone TOMORROW & SATURDAY night for the 2010 NPCI Tag Team Tournament!