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Keith Calhoun Stuck In 1986, Hates Being Called Biff

July 7, 2011 · Print This Article

CLASH To The Future has become one of the favorite events of the year for many CLASH fans and competitors alike. That is not to say that all CLASH competitors look forward to the event, in fact one CLASH regular hates CLASH To The Future with a passion. That man, Keith Calhoun, has a simple reason for his dislike for CLASH’s yearly tradition. He does not like being called “Biff.” For the past two years at CLASH To The Future (Part 2 & Part 3), CLASH fans have taken great delight in getting underneath Calhoun’s skin, mocking the veteran with jeers of Biff.

Increasing his hatred for CLASH To The Future is the fact that moments before Calhoun could step back into Doc. Emmet B’s Delorean, the flux capacitor overheated. Since then, Emmet B has been fast at work in attempt to repair the time machine but has thus been unsuccessful. So for the better part of a month (and the forseeable future) Keith Calhoun has been stuck in 1986. Word around the water cooler is that the 1986 version of Keith Calhoun does plan to attend CLASH Wrestling 100. What exactly will this blast from the past have to say or do at the event? That remains to be seen, but until then get caught up on Keith Calhoun’s “Biff” Adventures. To see exactly what we’re talking about, check out both these video examples below.