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John Striker Once Again Takes You “Pillar To Post”

July 21, 2009 · Print This Article

Greetings once again from beautiful southeastern Michigan , where I’ve got CLASH on the brain. I invite you, my reader, to take a trip with me to examine that CLASH sitting atop my head as I take you Pillar to Post.

For those of you that didn’t attend our double shot weekend’s Friday Night Fury, you missed out on an epic moment that is sure to be a classic and make all the best of DVD’s. That momentous moment was none other than my in-ring debut! Oh, also Dragon Kreed relinquished the Clash Championship. I was going over some tape, preparing for CLASH RADIO as I always do when my cell phone rings. It’s none other than CEO Jeremy Jones. I figure he’s finally going to give me a raise but instead he says he needs me, practically pleads with me, to take the CLASH Heavyweight Title from Dragon Kreed at Friday Night Fury.

Obviously I’m the best man for the job. Yes, I’ll admit it was a bit intimidating standing in the ring with Dragon (which you can see on the latest CLASH in a Flash) but I had the determination, confidence, and executive board on my side. It also didn’t hurt my confidence that Dragon’s ‘Destroy and Conquer” arm was in a sling. In any event, let me be the first to say that Dragon’s size and intensity are a scary thing, and I have a new respect for anyone in CLASH that has the guts to step into that ring with him. Looking back now I have to wonder if Cowboy Jones had a family emergency at all. Maybe he was just too afraid, or ‘yellow’ to use his vernacular, to take that title from Kreed himself?

Aside from the corny start to their music, Beauty and the Beast were beyond impressive in their recent victory over CLASH Tag Team Champion Friends. Adam foolishly believes that Nightlife and BATB should face off in a number one contender’s match but from where I sit, beating the champions grants the number one contender spot automatically.

I know GQ and Rave and both are very proud men. I am sure that the loss does not sit well with them and would bet that they will address the situation this Saturday at the Game On Sports Center.

Speaking of Game On Sports Center, I have to admit I am glad to be back. The gymnasium atmosphere and ambiance of the place really lends itself to wrestling. The staff has been cool to me there, the crowd receptive and rowdy. Put all that together with a stacked card and a huge main event and you’ve got yourself one “must-see” show.

I am expecting big… no, make that huge things this Saturday that I know will shake the very foundation of CLASH Wrestling. In addition to expecting something about or involving the CLASH Tag Team Title situation, we’re also told to expect an announcement from Wreckingball, his career, future, and what happens to his ‘consolation prize’. If that weren’t enough, Tommy Tydie Vs. J. Miller for the CLASH Heavyweight Championship. Let me tell you now, it gets no bigger or better than this!

In the event that you’ve been living in a cave (perhaps with “Cave Man” Tyler Elkins), allow me to briefly discuss some of the sordid history between one Murderous Monk and one Man’s Man.

Tydie and Miller completed their wrestling training together. They wrestled as a tag team in Clash Wrestling for the better part of it’s history, winning the CLASH Tag Team Gold and having some of the most memorable matches in CLASH wrestling history.. They were as close knit a team as ever there was in CLASH and were even better friends outside of the ring.

That all changed when Tydie decided to let Wreckingball unleash a vicious attack on Miller that took him out of action for over two months. Miller was hurt physically, but much worse emotionally. He felt that Tydie betrayed him and, understandably, hated him for it. It didn’t take Tydie long to realize the error of his ways. He missed that tag team bond, knowing that someone had his back. He apologized for his actions, and while Miller moved on, he never really forgave Tydie.

This Saturday, any chance at a peaceful resolution to their problems seems impossible as Miller and Tydie are set to square off over the only trophy greater than their CLASH Tag Team Title victory, the apex of CLASH Wrestling, the CLASH Championship. Both men know each other inside and out. They know their moves, they know the way each other think. Usually in a match a wrestler has to either act, or react. In this match I think there will be no time. They won’t be able to act or react because their brains will be moving faster than their bodies will allow. Saturday, it will be a battle of pure instinct. These two former friends, former allies will face off in the biggest match of each of their careers and when the dust settles, when the smoke clears, we will have a new Champion of CLASH Wrestling. This is simply epic.

Before I go I’d just like to express my sadness that Marty Epps is leaving us as head referee. It’s tough to keep good referees these days. I like to think that I started the “oh, come on ref, that was three!” heckle but either way, I’d like to personally wish him well on whatever he does in his next stage in life.

See everyone who’s not a complete moron on Saturday. Until then just be grateful that today you went Pillar to Post and came out the better for it.

Take care.