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Column: John Striker Pens Another “Pillar To Post”

April 23, 2009 · Print This Article

Hello once again loyal readers, I’m John “Show me the Money” Striker and this is another fine addition of Pillar to Post. Before I get started I need to give a quick shout out to Cameron Skyy. Thanks to a few prime tips, I was able to stretch my Vegas dollar and really take in the town. Come talk to me over at the CLASH Radio booth if you want some details on that expedition. In the meantime, let’s get serious for a moment and talk about all the latest and greatest CLASH Wrestling excitement!

Enter The Dragon
I almost hate to say “I told you so” but not quite. Dragon Kreed has captured the CLASH Heavyweight Championship from Cameron Skyy and that was just when things started to get interesting! Ace and Dragon both had some pointed, confident words on the website when asked about their match but I, for one, am not buying it. Everyone at CLASH to the Future saw and heard how former champion Ace High really felt; unsure.

I think even while Jack Night was champion, Ace knew that he was capable of winning the title back and that, sooner or later, he would. Throughout his match with Kreed, Cameron showed me that he is completely unsure in himself and may question if defeating Kreed is a possibility. Yes, Ace was covering Kreed at the end of the time limit draw, but Kreed has kicked out of the Ace of Spades before. What was more telling to me was the way in which Ace feigned an ankle injury to lure Dragon in and go for a quick win. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it was a bad strategy, just not one that screams confidence.

I can’t wait to see who come out on top at Age of Allegiance, earning the right to be called CLASH Champion.

Someone is Going to be Wrecked… but Who?
Also at Age of Allegiance we finally get the one on one contest we’ve been waiting for as J. Miller and Wreckingball face off. I’m torn on this one myself, to be honest with you. On one hand, we know what Wreckingball is capable of. He shelved Miller for over two months, and I can’t even speak about the Blue Ranger. On the other hand, Miller is looking for revenge, and not just any garden variety revenge but cold, calculated, retribution. Miller has everything to prove so I expect him to be firing on all cylinders come Saturday. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a hell of a fight.

New Friends in Town?
I’m interested to see what goes down at Age of Allegiance as Manzo and Night take on the Friends. Manzo and Night, for all the slacker fans out there, had taken on GQ and Rave in singles action a few weeks back, and both members of the Friends were subject to a beating after their match.

I also, being the observant student mastermind that I am, noticed that it was Manzo’s manager, B who came running around the ring to check on Night as he was eliminated from the Clash gauntlet match at Age of Allegiance. Is this pairing a quick team out of convenience or is there more to it? Time will tell, I suppose.

A Little Bit of Chicken Fry?
All right, despite the technical / audio problems at CLASH to the Future, how great was it to hear our boss, Jeremy Jones, singing us a country song? Wait, don’t answer… I’ll do it for you. It was awesome! Being as I have a pretty good employer / employee relationship with Mr. Jones, I personally feel it’s great to see him loosen up a little bit and get back to his roots. Yes, I’m going to dispel a myth that was perpetuated by Mr. Jeremy Jones himself – He is NOT a billionaire. Yes, CLASH Wrestling is the premier wrestling organization in, at a very least, Michigan. No, that doesn’t earn someone a billion dollar paycheck. I mean, maybe if we charged for tickets what some of the other guys charge… but that’s a story for another day. The point is, with Jones riding the wave of happiness he can focus less on trying to weasel Tommy Tydie to the top and more on what his job ultimately really is, giving the fans what they want to see. After all, if not for Jones’ new found vocal power, we wouldn’t have got to see B reprise his role as “Doc”.

All right boys and girls, I’ll see you Saturday. Keep an eye on the calendar for the CLASH for Life… er Relay for Life event which is sneaking up on us. You want to feel good about yourself right? So give some cash. Yeah, that’s right, I’ll promote giving to charity for selfish reasons. The ends justify the means. Be sure to stop by the CLASH Radio booth and, if you ever see GQ Assassin will you please tell him that I, in no way whatsoever, look like a thumb!