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John Striker Offers His Latest Pillar To Post

June 10, 2009 · Print This Article

Greetings again, to all my fans who have been deprived of the grandeur and greatness that is Pillar to Post. It’s a wonderful day, the sun is shining, and this is the premier column on As always, I am your humble host, your tour guide to greatness, your best friend you were too unpopular to have, John “The best person to ever write Pillar to Post” Striker!

Competition? Hardly!
Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I figure I’d better start with an appetizer. While my stomach was craving a blooming onion, I decided to stick with the potato skins. So Nicholas P. Clashertone, who writes one of the many columns on that I collectively call “Not as good as Pillar to Post” has announced that my Clash Radio partner, Adam Summers, has been granted the role of official CLASH backstage interviewer. He goes on to suggest that there may be some competition between Clash in a Flash and Pillar to Post. Well let me clear the air here. First off, I offer my sincere congratulations to Adam. Any competition or rivalry Adam and I may have is purely professional, and drives us both to higher levels of success. Adam’s a great guy and I’ve got no problem with him finding individual success on his own.

Besides, how hard is it to hold a microphone anyway? People come read my column to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the latest happenings in CLASH. People come to read what I think and what I know. People listen to Adam conducting interviews to hear what Ace High or Will Vendetta think. Furthermore, the Clash in a Flash to Pillar to Post analogy is flawed by the format and content of each feature. Clash in a Flash offers viewers a video recap with some opinions expressed by their favorite or least-favorite wrestlers. Pillar to Post offers readers a change to stretch their brain and expand their mental capacities. It’s a commentary on the state of this country that people would flock to a video instead of reading a column, but perhaps that’s a column for another time.

Bottom line, there will be no competition between Clash in a Flash and Pillar to Post because this is where it’s at. Sure, the Flash may receive more page views, fueled by the moronic masses looking for a quick fix of the adrenaline that is CLASH. P2P, however, will remain what it is, a place for the intellectuals to gather, absorb, learn, and be entertained.

Loosely speaking of Nicholas P. Clashertone, the NPCI, or as I like to call it, the NPCITTT (Nicholas P. Clashertone Invitational Tag Team Tournament) or maybe the JJCITTT, is nearly upon us. I am beyond excited about this one. For those who are unfamiliar, let me give you just a little, a minute sampling, of the histories and stories shaping up for half of the teams (the top 6 that I am watching):

Beauty & The Beast: Ethan Page & NRC – If you watched Clash in a Flash then you know these two mean business. Attitude and brute savagery? Sounds like a winning combination to me.

SR17: Van Envy & Kris Konflict – You’ve seen this pair teaming up at recent CLASH events, winning a few impressive tag matches along the way. I have a feeling these two have been holding back a little in the ring so far. Call it a sixth sense or a keen mind for wrestling, but I’m expecting good things from them.

Will Vendetta & Lance Winston – These two could practically taste victory as they came so close to winning last year. I haven’t heard much from Winston but my sources tell me he’s as ready as ever. Vendetta is pumped and ready for action, this is a team to watch!

Chikara Champeons De Parejas The Osirian Portal – For those that don’t know, Chikara is a great independent promotion that runs on the East Coast and has, at one point or another, employed athletes varied from Alex Shelley to Colt Cabana and many in between. In any event, the Osirian Portal has been their version of tag team champions for nearly 8 months and may surprise a lot of people in the NPCI.

H3RD: J. Miller vs. Tommy Tydie – Last year H3RD walked away the winners of the NPCI. This year they are looking to repeat their performance. Will they be able to? H3RD and Friends have had some of CLASH’S best matches, and even if they aren’t on the same page, they are still one of the best tag teams alive today.

CLASH Tag Team Champions Friends: GQ & Rave Killbourn – This will certainly be their biggest test but one that I believe they may be able to overcome. The Friends are, in my knowledgeable opinion, the best tag team around today, and have to be the odds on favorite to take it all.

Ace High Sinks to New Low?
I really felt like Ace High Cameron Skyy was coming to the end of his rope. Here is a man who has sacrificed his fans, his personal pride, his sense of honor, and his popularity in pursuit of the most coveted of prizes, the Clash Heavyweight Championship. Still, Dragon Kreed remained. I knew that Ace would be pulling out absolutely all the stops against Dragon at For the Win but still Dragon Kreed remained. So when Ace High offered his hand to Kreed as a sign of respect I thought he was being sincere. I thought Cameron had done all that he could, sacrificed all that he was willing, and gave it his absolute best and, because he still lost, accepted in his own mind that Dragon Kreed is the better athlete and champion.

I was quite surprised, as I’m sure many of you were, when Ace High didn’t wasn’t ‘all in’ but pulled out another card from his deck of tricks… an ace up his sleeve, you might say. All pun making aside, Tyler Elkins had a fire in him the likes of which I’ve never seen before. I predicted that this would be a break out year for Tyler Elkins and, if you were there at For the Win, you saw Tyler break out! The question everyone is asking is ‘why?’ Why would Tyler Elkins do this? Well, I’m sure we’ll find out from the horse’s mouth directly sooner or later, but here is my theory:

Tyler Elkins is a proud man. He’s an MMA champion. He hasn’t been able to adapt to wrestling as quickly or effectively as he’d like. He needed a way to turn heads and make an impact. Ace High needed a ‘hired gun’ or a little muscle to help him gain the advantage over Dragon Kreed. Looking at the results from For the Win we see that Kreed has never been weaker, and no one is overlooking Elkins now. I call that a win-win.

Odds and Ends
I promise that I am not copying off of Nicholas Clashertone, but I have a few things that didn’t make it into Pillar to Post this time or in the past, and I thought I’d share them with you.

– Nightlife is looking awesome. I am more and more impressed each and every time I see these guys. Go watch Clash in a Flash and tell me Dave Manzo doesn’t look like he’s CLASH World Champion. Impressive.

– Dragon Kreed apparently suffered an arm injury at the hands of Cameron Skyy and Tyler Elkins. My sources seem to believe it’s not career threatening and will just need some time to heal. Of course, my sources are not the doctors that evaluated him.

– For those that missed it, after the main event at For the Win, the fans wanted more! They surrounded the ring, pounding on it until Jerry Jones relented and sang us some Johnny Cash. We might have the next Nashville Star in CLASH!

– I had so much fun at the Relay for Life event. Throwing pies in people’s faces, spray painting people’s hair, dropping them into dunk tanks…. Does it get any better than that?

– I have absolutely no idea where, and have had no contact what-so-ever, with either the Green Ranger or Khameleon.

– John Striker was recently named Clash Wrestling’s most sexy man… at least according to my sources

That’s it folks. You’ve been treated to quite a big slice of the mental pie today. This post has truly gone from pillar to post. Remember to check out Adam’s interviews on Clash in a Flash and, more importantly, my commentary on the Clash Best Of DVD’s, my show, Clash Radio, and most importantly, Pillar to Post. Until next time, I’m John Striker.