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Intergender Tag Team Match Signed For 100!

July 1, 2011 · Print This Article

When Cameron Skyy faced Mena Libra last month at CLASH To The Future: Part 3, both competitors showed poise and honor. With a broken foot, Libra could of very easily forfeited the match, but we all know she did the opposite. The bout was not only a test of the “Ace High’s” ruthlessness, but a measure of Mena’s untamed heart and iron will. By match’s end, Libra had not only earned the respect of Cameron Skyy but his sometimes-mentor “Amazing” N8 Mattson as well.

At CLASH Wrestling 100, Mena will be fresh off the injured reserve list, but has vowed to compete. “Amazing” N8 has stepped up and asked to team with Libra, feeling it may be too soon for her to handle the physical punishment of the squared circle without a partner by her side. On August 6th, the duo (shall we call them Menamazing?) will need to be at their absolute best as their opponents are the returning Donnie & Jacob Hallows of the Painkillers!

Former members of the “Mad Scientist” Tommy Treznik’s H3RD, the Painkillers have not been seen or heard from since December of last year. One must assume that this psychotic duo will do anything to make an impact upon their CLASH return. It’s a huge tag team encounter that leaves alot to be considered! Will Mena’s broken foot be healed 100% by 100? What can we expect from the unexpected tandem of the Painkillers? Are they still affliated with The H3RD? There’s plenty of unanswered questions that will only be answered LIVE AND IN PERSON @ CLASH Wrestling’s 100 on August 6th! Presale tickets are available now, get yours today!