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Looking to get some good market exposure for your business? CLASH Wrestling has a wide range of Sponsorship Packages available for Small Business and Business operators who want to expand their customer base and reach their potential buying audience. By becoming a sponsor of CLASH Wrestling, your business will be linked to the fastest rising wrestling promotion in the state of Michigan. CLASH Wrestling live events consistently draw over two hundred fans per show, ranging from children to adults of all ages.

Once your business is a sponsor of CLASH, you become part of their “wrestling experience.” Aside from your company being on all our promotional materials (flyers, posters, driving directions) and a banner of your business being utilized at our live events, your business will reach an even larger audience via the internet on CLASHWRESTLING.COM, the official website of CLASH Wrestling. Would you like access to the thousands of fans that visit our website each week? Would you like an opportunity to promote your business to hundreds of our fans live and in person at all our events? Let us help your business reach its potential! Become a sponsor of CLASH Wrestling, LLC today!

Here is a sampling of the type of advertising CLASH Wrestling can offer your business:

  • Sponsors are able to display business banners live at our events.
  • Sponsors may provide a 480×68 banner to use on our affiliates page that will be linked to your website from our official website located at CLASHWRESTLING.COM.
  • Sponsors will have a small logo of their business located at the bottom of all event flyers and posters.
  • Sponsors may promote business with flyers at our merchandise stands at all CLASH Wrestling live events.
  • Sponsors will have a donation made in their business’ behalf of $50 to the American Cancer Society Research Fund.
  • A Presenting Sponsor will get a graphical banner placed on the top of our official website, located at CLASHWRESTLING.COM.
  • Event specific promotional materials will have A Presenting Sponsor’s name as the presenter of the event(s). (ex. YOUR BUSINESS Presents CLASH Wrestling “Event Name”)
  • A Presenting Sponsor’s Name will appear predominately on all Radio, Television, Flyers, Posters, and Newspaper advertisements for the (1) month of the live event their company is presenting.
  • A Presenting Sponsor will receive verbal recognition and advertising opportunities during all CLASH Wrestling live events for the (1) month of the live event their company is presenting.

CLASH Wrestling offers 4 different sponsorship packages, each with it’s own distinct benefit and price point. For further details on these packages and information regarding our competitive, affordable prices, please fill out the contact form on this website and a CLASH representative will be in contact with you shortly.