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If you’ve always wanted to dominate the ring, and legends like Kane and the Undertaker seem like pushovers when it comes to your fantastic moves, then you could be the right kind of person to join the world of professional wrestling. All you need is an image, the skills, the performance talent, and the drive to really make it work.

So you’ve got the drive – that’s a great start. But now you need an image. This is a combination of a catchy, memorable name that sounds tough, and an outfit that people will see as recognizable and iconic, whilst moving away from a generic “tough guy” look. Luckily, the field is far more open, these days – sumo wrestlers, undertakers, mad scientists, demonic Party poker players – anything that looks good will work.

Your moves are important, but so is learning to work with the referee and the other wrestler(s) in the ring. If you can’t give people a great show and just want to demolish the opposition, wrestling isn’t for you. It’s about the performance and the story as well as the moves you’re pulling off, so when watching videos or live matches take careful note of the way in which everyone works together to deliver the best possible experience to the audience.

Also, look around for your nearest wrestling trainer, and the location of the nearest rings and tournament hotspots, as you’ll need to start competing and training often in order to really help your career take off. Ensuring you’ve got a good fanbase is a great start – even if it means getting some of your friends to turn up with banners and cheer a lot in the beginning. Perform well and please the crowd whether you’re a face or a heel, your fans are your ticket to success. So get practicing, and then get in the ring!