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Tag Team Gauntlet Match Signed For Age Of Allegiance

April 1, 2011 · Print This Article

The second bout for April 23rd’s Age Of Allegiance has been signed and it may be one of the most combustible bouts in CLASH Wrestling history! At the center of this bout is Joey Marx & Bryce Benjamin of Too Sweet, the current CLASH Tag Team Champions who have gone undefeated in tag competition since debuting at the 2010 NPCI in July of last year. At Age Of Allegiance, Too Sweet face their toughest challenge to date as four other tag teams will compete for their titles in a Gauntlet Match (teams will enter in an order drawn at random prior to the bout)! Can Too Sweet once again prove their Tag Team dominance in CLASH Wrestling or are the odds simply too much? Let’s take a look at the five teams challenging for the Tag gold on April 23rd.

Wreckingforce: Dragon Kreed & Wreckingball were victorious in a Fatal 4 Way Match at Seize The Day IV to earn a future title shot. Since then, Wreckingforce lost a Tables Match to the Sons Of Sanity due to the interference of the Bump N’ Uglies. Wreckingforce has a number of scores to settle in the Gauntlet at Age Of Allegiance.

Bump N’ Uglies: The former Tag Team Champions, the Bump N’ Uglies have not taken their loss to Too Sweet graciously. In fact, the Bump N’ Uglies have terrorized the entire CLASH locker room, costing Wreckingforce a Tables Match and most recently being suspended one month for disorderly conduct.

Victorious Secret: Perhaps the sleeper team in this Gauntlet Match, Victorious Secret have found moderate success thus far in their CLASH careers. It seems as though whenever Mason Conrad & Cameron Salem pick up momentum they just as quickly lose it, but a victory at Age Of Allegiance would propel Victorious Secret straight to the top of the tag team mountain.

Sons Of Sanity: William J. O’Malley & Gideon Malice proclaim that they are working for a higher power. Their biggest success as a team is their aforementioned victory over Wreckingforce in a Tables Match earlier this year. Sons Of Sanity are probably no ones favorite to win this match, but they have proven that they do not need fan support to be successful in CLASH Wrestling.

With four teams gunning for their titles, Too Sweet must train harder than ever before if they hope to retain their titles on April 23rd. Will you be there to see if they do? Join us for Age Of Allegiance on April 23rd! Tickets are available now!