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March 8th Results

March 28, 2008 · Print This Article

This past Saturday night, CLASH Wrestling returned to Taylor, MI and over 175 CLASH fans packed the Taylor Town Trade Center! The event was fast paced, high flying, and absolutely pandemonium!! March 8th, 2008 will be date that fans of CLASH Wrestling will not soon forget!

The show kick started with a back and forth contest between Will Vendetta and Confetti. Both men brought everything to the table and had an exciting contest. After a hard bodyslam on the concrete floor by Confetti, many people figured Will Vendetta could no longer continue the match. This couldn’t be further from the truth as Will returned to the bout and eventually, after a number of nearfalls, gained the pinfall victory over the young CLASH upstart. After the match, Will Vendetta recieved a phone call and left the ring in a sprint. Within no more than a minute, Will ran from the locker room with his bag in tow and left out the front doors of the Taylor Town Trade Center.

Before the next match got underway, the CLASH Champion “Ace High” Cameron Skyy made his way to the ring. The champ discussed last week’s attack of Rave Killbourn and Lisa by Jack Night and Castor Strong and challenged the “Role Model” to action later in the night. Skyy then turned his focus to March 22nd’s Triple Crown Cup Tournament, noting that he would love to take the trophy and $3333.33 back to his home in Las Vegas, NV. Before he could leave the ring, Skyy was confronted by GQ Assassin, who warned Skyy to not overlook him in the Triple Crown Cup. GQ also had his eyes on the Triple Crown Cup. Just as Skyy and GQ were in a face to face staredown, the #1 contender J. Miller entered the arena to a chorus of boos. J. Miller spoke not only of his title shot in Rockwood, MI on April 4th, but of the Triple Crown Cup – a tournament he feels he will win. Miller and GQ then came to blows, with GQ getting the upperhand as Miller fled from ringside. Before he could leave the ring, GQ was pulled back inside by Cameron Skyy. The two friends then shared a handshake and agreed that at the Triple Crown Cup – it’s not about friendship, it’s about business.

Next up, “The All American” Dave Manzo w/ Coach B. took on “Punisher” Skull Williams in a battle of two men with their eyes on the Triple Crown Cup. Manzo entered the match extremely confident and used his strength advantage to wear Skull down. At numerous points throughout the match, Skull seemed to gain momentum, only to be shot down by “The All American.” In the end, Manzo looked to hook a quick small package to win the match, but was countered and pinned by Skull in the process. Williams proved that while he may be the underdog in the Triple Crown Cup Tournament, you can never count him out.

The show continued with tag team competition as GQ Assassin and Steff O’Riley teamed up to take on the pair of J. Miller and Joseph T. Storm w/ Jeremy Jones. Miller and Storm looked to outwit and outwrestle their opponents, but it was clear from the opening moments that GQ and Steff were one step ahead throughout the contest. After numerous unsuccessful double team attempts by Miller and JTS, they were finally able to cut off O’Riley and keep him from tagging GQ. In the end, the match turned to a back and forth contest where either team could have won. Once GQ took Miller after a Death Valley Driver on the apron, JTS and Steff were left alone inside the ring. Just then, Jeremy Jones caused a distraction, allowing JTS to sneak behind Steff and hit his Eye Of The Storm manuever for the pinfall victory.

Tommy Tydie then made his way to the ring to announce the next chapter of his career so to speak. Two weeks prior, Tydie vowed that he and Will Vendetta’s rivalry was over and that March 8th was a new beginning for “The Man’s Man.” With minutes of speaking, it was clear that Tydie had lied all along. It was Tydie who faked the phone call which caused Will to leave the building. Tydie who tricked Will’s family into believing his grandmother was rushed to the hospital. It was clear that Tydie didn’t want Will to be in the building on this day – the day that he announced the next chapter of his career. He promised that March 22nd would be the start the rebirth of Tommy Tydie when he wins the 2008 Triple Crown Cup Tournament and to prepare for the occassion, he found himself suitable opposition. TFT’s opponent for the night turned out to be CLASH newcomer Khameleon. Tydie may have at taken Khameleon too lightly at first, as the masked speedster hit a number of lighting quick armdrags and a standing moonsault. A moment later, Tydie was able to counter with a clothesline before pouring on his onslaught of manuevers, culiminating in a Curb Stomp before snatching on his new submission hold the STFT for the tapout victory.

In the main event of the evening, Cameron Skyy was scheduled to face Jack Night in a Non Title contest. The match began early, as Jack Night attacked the “Ace High” before the bell even rung. After no more than 2 minutes into the contest, Jack Night and Castor Strong proceeded to leave the ringside area. As Steff O’Riley began his count, Jack and Castor reemerged, but they were not alone. Alongside the villanous duo were Tommy Tydie, J. Miller, and Dave Manzo w/ Coach B. Just as the 4 men were about to attack Skyy, GQ Assassin and Skull Williams made the save. At this point, the new main event was set! It was an impromtu 4 on 3 handicap match featuring 7 of the 9 men who will compete for the 2008 Triple Crown Cup!! This match has to be seen to be believed! Every man wanted to walk out victorious and walk into the Triple Crown Cup with the momentum that victory would provide. In the end, after a series of rapid fire match ending manuevers, J. Miller snuck into the ring and rolled up Cameron Skyy by the tights and scored the victory for his foursome.

CLASH Wrestling (3/08/2008) Quick Results

Will Vendetta defeated Confetti by pinfall.

Skull Williams defeated Dave Manzo by pinfall.

JTS & J. Miller defeated Steff O’Riley & GQ Assassin by pinfall.

Tommy Tydie defeated Khameleon via submission.

Jack Night & Cameron Skyy went to a No Contest.

J. Miller, Dave Manzo, Tommy Tydie & Jack Night defeated Cameron Skyy, GQ Assassin & Skull Williams by pinfall